Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish, Narooma
Our Lady of the sea
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9 Canty Street, Narooma, NSW, 2546
Rev Fr Joseph Tran
(02) 4476 2191


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8 July 2018

Parish Bulletin

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24 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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17 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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10 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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Cobargo - Saturdays before Mass.

Bermagui - Sundays before Mass.

Narooma - Saturdays from 9.30am.

Fr Joe Recharges the Batteries

Priests are advised to take sabbaticals to recharge their “batteries”.  I was very blessed to do so for the last six months.  The first three months I spent with a group of priests who came from different parishes in USA, Canada and Australia.  We had a good time to listen and share our stories and experiences in the parish life and mission.

We also have had a chance to learn about how Rome works in the present environment of homeless and refugees, who really appear overwhelmed where ever you go.  We were insisted to visit different offices of the Curia to know how they work in the administration of the Church … Above all we were led to rest, to sit and listen to your soul and body’s crying; to grow more mature in spirit of knowing yourself in know God.

Many Thanks

Fr Joe extends a 'big' thank you to Frs Bernie Hennessey and Steve Astill SJ for taking pastoral care of our parishes while he was away.  Thanks also to the Parish Pastoral Council, the Finance Committee, Catechists, Pastoral Care, …, and to all parishioners for carrying the parishes’ tasks and ministries beautifully.

May God show his love to strengthen us on our way to make His name known amongst us and our world.

Upcoming Events

Parish Pastoral Council

Date: Jul 10 2018
Parish Pastoral Council Meeting 7.00pm Tuesday 10th July in the Meeting room.
9 Canty Street, Narooma, NSW, 2546
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