Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish, Narooma
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9 Canty Street, Narooma, NSW, 2546
Rev Fr Joseph Tran
(02) 4476 2191


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Parish News

Narooma parish News

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Parish Newsletters

3 May 2020

Parish Bulletin

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26 April 2020

Parish Bulletin

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19 April 2020

Parish Bulletin

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12 April 2020

Parish Bulletin

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Cobargo - Saturdays before Mass.

Bermagui - Sundays before Mass.

Narooma - Saturdays from 9.30am.

Second Rite & Confession

Both parishes will not have 2nd rite of reconciliation this year.

Please note private confession is encouraged and will be held in the open air in the sanctuary or outside the church. Both penitent and priest should have masks on and keep 1.5 metres between them.

Finance Collections

We do need to try and maintain our financial assistance to the church collections – 1st and 2nd collections, as life does go on. There are two ways you can continue to provide your contributions. However, many parishioners have found that by creating a direct debit from either your debit card or credit card is a much easier and safer way.

  1. Direct debit into one of the following accounts

  1. First collection                  Central Presbytery Account

                                                        BSB;  062 786

                                                        Account;  000029248

                                                    Reference: PARISH SURNAME eg, Narooma Voytas

    It is very important that individuals put the reference information in, so that your donation can be correctly allocated to your parish.


  2. Second collections             ……  Our Lady Star of the Sea

                                                         BSB;  062 902

                                                        Account ; 10123576

                                                      Reference; NAME or Envelope No



                                                       Cobargo/Bermagui   St Mary

                                                        BSB;  062 902

                                                        Account;  10123576

                                                        Reference: Name or Envelope No


  1. By placing an envelope under the church door -either and/or a plain envelope for 1st collection and your planned giving envelope. Please place the whole month’s donation in ONE envelope.

    Please clearly mark any plain envelopes with the intention of your donation.

    Thank you very sincerely for your support.

Upcoming Events

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9 Canty Street, Narooma, NSW, 2546
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