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2 Bancroft Street, Dickson, ACT, 2602
Rev Fr Emil Milat
(02) 6248 5472
Mon - 9.30am to 12.30pm. Wed, Thurs – 9.00am to 1.00pm

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History of Canberra Central Parish

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Parish Newsletters

5 April 2020

Parish Bulletin

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29 March 2020

Parish Bulletin

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22 March

Parish Bulletin

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15 March 2020

Parish Bulletin

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Shepherd's Corner

As we enter Holy Week, the most important season for the Church and in fact the world, it’s deeply sad that we cannot celebrate the sacred liturgies as a community in person.


On the other hand it is a most profound way to enter into the depth of their meaning: the dying and rising of Christ. I always remember a truth I learnt in seminary: habit is the enemy of grace. The world is being broken of its usual “habits”. We had a Zoom meeting with the Archbishop and over 40 priests during the week - and a common reflection shared was how we had to adjust to a new routine. This can be most powerful because all the power from Christianity comes from the inner life - that’s why we call it faith.


The two saints whose relics that visited Canberra last week show this very much - St Thérèse and her parents Zélie and Louis. I was fortunate to have a private prayer time with them and to have hundreds of Holy Cards blessed there. It would be great to distribute these as part of a letter box drop with a flyer advertising our live-stream Easter ceremonies. Also with palm crosses that are being blessed this Vigil online Mass at Dickson.


Thanks to those that offered to do this already - if you can help during your “exercise time” walking around your street please drop into the parish office to collect the kit.


God’s Blessings, Fr Emil


Sadly, the church buildings are closed until further notice because of the government's COVID-19 precautions.

We are moving to online meetings and a live-streamed parish Mass, but we also recommend the Archdiocesan daily Mass online at this website



See the attached bulletin (29 March 2020) for all the details.



We invite everyone to send us their email so we can keep you updated regularly. Please email the parish at



First & Second Collections

First Collection - Continue to Contribute

The 'First Collection' is for the parish priest.  The contributions made are deposited into the Central Presbytery Fund from which the clergy are paid their annual stipend of $19,000 per annum.  With the closure of churches parishioners have little opportunity to contribute to the stipend of their parish priest. 

If you would like to continue contributing to the 'First Collection' then you can deposit directly into the Central Presbytery Fund account, Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn.

  • BSB: 062 786
  • No:   000029248
  • Central Presbytery Fund

 Second Collection – the parish of St Brigid & St Patrick

 For those who would like to deposit directly to the parish by Electronic Funds Transfer details are-

  • BSB: 062 786
  • No:   000013150
  • Canberra Central (St Brigid & St Patrick Parish) Fund

 Note: please let the parish office know the amount & date so we can identify the giver

in our accounts.

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2 Bancroft Street, Dickson ACT 2602
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