St Mary's Batlow Parish
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St Mary's Church Batlow
Fr George Ogah
02 6947 4599
Tumut: Mon, Tue, Thu – 9am to 1pm

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Parish Newsletters

31 January 2021

Parish Bulletin

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24 January 2021

Parish Bulletin

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8 November 2020

Parish Bulletin

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1 November 2020

Parish Bulletin

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Working with Children Checks

THOSE PARISHIONERS who volunteer as Acolyte, Eucharist minister, read or do money collection also need to give Tracee a copy or email a working with children check number and expiry date AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

A volunteer WWCC is free and can be done online.

Kights of the Southern Cross

Tumut Branch Knights of the Southern Cross is a National Lay association of men within the Catholic Church. All men are welcome to join us for faith formation, prayer and Christian fellowship. The Order is guided by the Catholic faith and the cardinal and chivalrous virtues of prudence, faith, justice, fortitude and temperance in all its charitable works. We gather monthly for a BBQ and prayer, with the possibility of meeting weekly for prayer and formation. For More information please contact Patrick McCabe on 0401620363

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