Immaculate Conception Parish, Tumut
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39 Capper Street, Tumut, NSW, 2720
Fr George Ogah
(02) 6947 4599
Wed & Fri 9.00am to 12noon

Parish News

Parish Newsletters

7 July 2019

Parish Bulletin

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30 June 2019

Parish Bulletin

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23 June 2019

Parish Bulletin

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16 June 2019

Parish Bulletin

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Saturdays at 5.15pm.


Saturdays at 8.45am.

Exposition at 8.30am on the 1st Saturday of the month.

Donation Point tap

Our parish is leading the way in technology with the introduction of this device. To contribute to our church’s fundraising for new paraments (altar clothes, lecture covers and chalice veils) you simply TAP your card once to donate $5.00.

Your bank statement can be used for taxation purposes.

Upcoming Events

Parish Street Stall

Date: Aug 16 2019
We are seeking a co-ordinator to run the next Parish Street Stall.  Please contact Anna at the presbytery if you are able to assist.

Parish Workshop for Acolytes

Date: Jul 28 2019
Commencing at 11.00am. Fr. George and Fr. Namore will both run this session for approximatley 1 hour, please bring a plate to share.

Fr George's 9th Anniversary

Date: Jul 17 2019
CONGRATULATIONS to Fr. George on his 9th anniversary year of priesthood which he will celebrate on Wednesday 17th July.
Immaculate Conception
39 Capper Street, Tumut, NSW, 2720
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