St Mary's Parish, Young
Chapel and St Mary's Church Young
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St Mary's Parish, Young
P.O. Box 6, YOUNG NSW 2594
Campbell Street, YOUNG NSW 2594
Fr Jiss Sunny MS
(02) 6382 2222
Tuesday to Thursday 9.30am to 1.30pm.

Parish Groups

Parish Caring Services

No items.

Church and Grounds Care and Maintenance

Lawn and Garden Roster Enquiries
Damian Minehan
02 6382 2762
Don Smith
0427 410 422

Parish Facilities for Hire

No items.

Fundraising Activities

No items.

Parish Ministries

Vocations Prayer Group
Thursdays 9.00am in the Chapel

Social Activities

Family Group
Barb and Brian Hislop
02 6382 3288
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