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St Mary's Parish, Young
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St Mary's Parish, Young
P.O. Box 6, YOUNG NSW 2594
Campbell Street, YOUNG NSW 2594
Fr James Onoja
(02) 6382 2222
Tuesday to Thursday 9.30am to 1.30pm.

Parish Newsletters

16 February 2020

Parish Bulletin

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9 February 2020

Parish Bulletin

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2 February 2020

Parish Bulletin

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26 January 2020

Parish Bulletin

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Parish History

St Mary's Parish, Young

History of Young

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Welcome to St Mary's Parish, Young

Parish Bulletin - The deadline for contributions to the Parish Bulletin is 1.30pm on Wednesday.   

Contact - Cath McDonald 02 63822222

Christian Meditation - 5.30pm in the Chapel on Wednesdays.

Vocations Prayer Group - 9.00am in the Chapel on Thursdays.

Adoration - 5.00pm in the Chapel on Fridays.

Baptisms & Weddings


Baptisms are celebrated during Masses on the second Saturday of the month. 

Please contact the Parish Office first for all baptism enquiries.


By appointment with at least six months notice required.

Upcoming Events

THE SUNDAY SQUEEZE (Finding time for Mass in a busy schedule)

Family time is busy. Even without children, our modern lives are packed with activities.

So how do busy people make time for Mass, and why would they want to?


         ·          Plan ahead - Schedule Mass ahead of time and fit other activities around it. Make Mass the priority                     or it will get squeezed out.

         ·           Free up Sundays - Do chores on weekday nights. Confine kids activities to other days.

         ·           After Mass bonus - keep the positivity going afterwards with a visit to the park, ice cream                                     shop or café.

         ·           Double duty - If you are on the road, attend Mass near where you’ll be doing other things.


                   1. Feed your soul: Mass is a spiritual superfood.

         2. Connect with others.

         3. Breathe, Rest, Recharge: Get off the activity treadmill.

         4. God said so: Do we need a better reason?

Through Sunday rest, daily concerns and tasks find their proper perspective, the material things we worry about give way to spiritual values.

St Pope John Paul II.



Could you spare one hour twice or three times a year to help your local church? The work is not hard or strenuous and training will be provided. We really need your skills and passion to continue to grow our church community.

We need volunteers in cleaning the church, flower arrangements, music, children’s ministry, cleaning the linen, readers, altar servers, greeters, gardeners, to name a few.

Please have a think about how you can contribute to your church and perhaps make new friends and improve your church.

We understand everyone’s lives are busy and finding that extra time for volunteering is hard. However, just a couple of hours per year can make a huge difference. We are flexible and will work with your availability.

As stated in Matthew 9:37 “Then he said to his disciples - The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”.

If you feel you might be able to contribute your time, even for a short period, please give Monique Griffin a call on (0428) 488-927.

Thank you.


(For the gift of rain, for people affected by drought, for support services)

 Eternal God, in wisdom and love you created our earth to sustain us and give us life.

We turn to you now in faith, hope and love, asking you to look with favour on our drought-stricken land, on our starving animals, on our failing crops.

Strengthen, sustain and give new heart to our farmers and to all who are affected by drought; be with those who support them.

In your loving providence, send abundant rain and restore our parched earth.

Father of all compassion, hear our prayer through Jesus Christ your Son, in whom the promise of new life has dawned, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord the giver of life: Renew your faithful people; Renew the face of the earth.

Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Mary, help of Christians - Pray for us.

St Mary of the Cross MacKillop - Pray for us.


On behalf of St Mary’s Catholic Church Parish Council and Frs James and Praveen, I would sincerely like to thank you all for your most generous donations for the Bushfire Appeal.

The affected parishioners of the Tumut Mission of our Archdiocese will benefit greatly from our small sacrifice.

Our Young Mission of Grenfell, Boorowa and Young have joined together and raised a magnificent total of $15,000.

St Joseph’s Parish, Grenfell    - $ 1,500-00

St Patrick’s Parish, Boorowa  - $ 1,500-00

St Mary’s Parish, Young          - $12,000-00

This is an extraordinary response to such a heart-breaking appeal. We continue to pray for the people of Tumut, Adelong and Batlow as they deal with this catastrophe.

Thank you,

Owen Pippard. (Pastoral Council Chairman)

NOTE: (Please go to the back of the church on the back bench to collect all your Bushfire receipts).

St Mary's Parish
Campbell Street, Young NSW 2594
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