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St Mary's Parish, Young
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St Mary's Parish
Campbell Street, Young NSW 2594
Fr Tom Thornton
(02) 6382 2222
Tuesday to Thursday 9.30am to 1.30pm.

Parish Newsletters

24 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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17 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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10 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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3 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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Parish News

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Welcome to St Mary's Parish, Young

Parish Bulletin - The deadline for contributions to the Parish Bulletin is 1.30pm on Wednesday.               Contact Cath McDonald 02 63822222

Christian Meditation - 5.30pm in the Chapel on Wednesdays.

Vocations Prayer Group - 9.00am in the Chapel on Thursdays.

Adoration - 4.00pm in the Chapel on Fridays.

Baptisms & Weddings


Baptisms are celebrated during Masses on the second Saturday of the month. 

Please contact the Parish Office first for all baptism enquiries.


By appointment with at least six months notice required.


YOUNG                   -      SATURDAY VIGIL        -     6-00 PM          -     NO SUNDAY MASS IN YOUNG (ONLY VIGIL)

GRENFELL              -      SUNDAY MASS            -     9-30 AM

BOOROWA             -      SUNDAY MASS           -     5-00 PM


Upcoming Events


 As Mass is now on Saturday evening, some parishioners who previously attended only on Sunday, may have trouble driving at night.

Could you please check with people you know and see if they need a lift to mass.

If any parishioner is having trouble driving at night and would appreciate a lift, please contact the office and we will try and arrange transport.



 A council of the Australian Catholic Church has been called for 2020. Your input to the questions set out below is invited and encouraged.

You may respond as an individual or as part of a small group in your home, through your school or in the parish.

 Questions for discussion:

           · What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

· What questions about the future of the Church in Australia should the Council consider?

· What story or experience of faith would you like to share?


 Either email them to or type them up and leave them at the parish office and they will be emailed from the parish.

 Could the convenors of groups notify the parish office and give us their contact details and obtain guidelines and prayer focuses for your meeting.



Fr Tom will be away on retreat from 25th June till 4th of July - weekday masses and weekend masses will be covered by Fr Allen and the Redemptorist Fathers.



With the number of our acolytes shrinking, I am hoping to open this ministry up by no longer having acolytes, but rather SENIOR SERVERS.

 This will open the ministry to women, as the ministry of acolyte is not. The role would be exactly the same as the acolyte presently fulfils and would involve training.

 It would not require vesting in ALBS as the acolyte does and the Senior Server would simply lead the procession as cross bearer.

 If you are interested, please write your name, phone number and email address or postal address on a piece of paper and hand it into the office. We will act depending on interest shown! 

 Fr  Tom.


St Mary's Parish
Campbell Street, Young NSW 2594
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