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Sacred Heart Parish, Temora
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111 Loftus Street, Temora, NSW, 2666
P.O Box 78
Father Simon Falk
(02) 6977 2104

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17 December 2017

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10 December 2017

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3 December 2017

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26 November 2017

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Temora Mission

Temora Mission includes the townships of Ardlethan, Ariah Park, Barellan, Barmedman, Binya and Temora.


In Temora on Saturdays at 11am on the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends or Sunday at 12 noon on the 2nd and 4th weekends.

Join the Sacred Heart Ladies Group

The Sacred Heart Ladies is a group for the ladies of Sacred Heart Parish, Temora.   There are no eligibility criteria and any lady, from any experience or background, may join.


The group meets on the first Thursday of each month at 10.00 am in the Meeting Room at Southern Cross Village. Anyone who is interested may simply come along to a meeting and they will be warmly welcomed by the friendly ladies.


December           Christmas Party


The normal meetings last for about an hour and then those who do not have other commitments go off somewhere for a light lunch and to continue chatting.  Money raised by catering for funerals from the parish church and occasionally funerals for those who have no religious affiliation (as often they do not have anyone to help them in this way) is used to support the church and parish by purchasing the myriad things necessary for the full functioning of the church and presbytery.

Church Cleaning Roster

Sharee will be organising the Church cleaning roster for 2018.

Anyone who would like to be included or if there are any changes from this year please let Sharee know in the next two weeks by emial or by phone 02 6977 2104.

Upcoming Events

No events.

Sacred Heart Parish (Temora)
111 Loftus Street, Temora
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