Christ the King Parish, Taralga
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11 Macarther Street, Taralga, NSW 2580
Fr Dermid McDermott (Administrator)
(02) 4821 1022 (Goulburn) Ms Sharon Cashman
Monday - Friday 8.30am - 12.30pm


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Parish News

Sacramental Program 2019 - Details

Please download.

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Sacraments 2019 Enrolment Form

Please download, complete & return to the Parish Office.

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Sacramental Dates 2019

Please download.

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Homily - Fr McDermott

20 January 2019

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Parish Newsletters

24 March 2019

Parish Bulletin

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17 March 2019

Parish Bulletin

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10 March 2019

Parish Bulletin

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3 March 2019

Parish Bulletin

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Mass Offerings

If you would like to have a Mass offered for an intention, anniversary , sick, or deceased, please write details (envelopes provided) and drop them into the collection bags, or they can be placed in the tray which is in the sacristy.

Sacramental Program 2019

Details, dates and enrolment form for the 2019 Sacramental Program may be downloaded from the Web Site.  Please refer to the 'Parish News' panel on the left.

Senior Servers

Female and male to assist the priest before mass by setting up the Altar and sanctuary. They also assist during the Mass, for example by holding prayer books, preparing the altar, assisting with the offertory gifts and distributing Holy Communion. After Mass they assist by clearing the sanctuary and cleaning the sacred vessels in the sacristy.

If you are interested in becoming a Senior Server, please contact the Sharon -Mission Office on 62399863. Training will be organised.

Please Help

Grants are available locally and through the NSW Heritage.

We need volunteers to help apply for the Taralga Church!

Upcoming Events

No events.

Taralga Parish
11 Macarther Street, Taralga, NSW 2580
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