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47 Lowe Street, Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia
Fr Troy Bobbin
(02) 6299 4611
Tue, Thu, Fri – 9.00am to 3.30pm

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4 September 2018

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11 November 2018

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7 October 2018

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16 September 2018

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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who attended the Plenary Council Listening Sessions last Wednesday. I found both sessions inspirational and very thought provoking. Just to give a bit of a big picture perspective, when we talk about a Plenary for the whole of the Catholic Church in Australia we need to see what it that looks like.

In Australia according to the 2016 census there are 5,439,268 Catholics in 32 dioceses with a total of 1363 Parishes.  So if you were to imagine that each of all 1363 parishes were involved and they all submitted fifty comments/submission that would mean there would be a total of 68,150 comments, not to mention that private submission sent by individuals and religious priests, sisters and brothers, as well as lay organisations such as Vinnies and catholic organisations such as schools and catholic hospitals. In the Canberra and Goulburn Archdiocese we have fifty four parishes broken up into 5 geographical areas called Deaneries. 

In the Canberra Deanery there are 17 Parishes, who had four Plenary Listening Sessions divided into a day and evening session, in the north and the same in the south, like us. Goulburn will be holding their sessions next week, the coastal deanery held their Plenary session in August, I am not sure where the Monaro and the Western deaneries are up to.

Who Participates in the Plenary Council?

There are two types of delegates:

  • Those who must be called: Includes active bishops, vicars general and episcopal vicars, religious superiors, deans and rectors of major seminaries.
  • Those who may be called: Includes retired bishops, other clergy and lay people Observers, advisers and consultants may be invited. There will be a process for nomination of those who may be called which is yet to be decided.

The Plenary Council Meeting is in two parts: Adelaide (2020) and Sydney (2021).  In June 2017, the Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council announced the members of the Plenary Council Executive Committee. The Committee members have particular expertise.

Welcome Initiative has Started

The parish will be trialling a new welcome initiative as part of our hospitality outreach. It is anticipated the trial will run for 4 weeks.  We ask those that are on the SUNDAY rosters (Special Ministers & Readers) needto be at Mass and we would like to request that you arrive 15 minutes early.  So if you are rostered on for the Sundays of November, 18 November, 25 November  and 2 December could you please arrive 15 minutes early to stand at the church doors and greet people as they arrive.

At this stage it is thought that welcomers could:

  • Hand out bulletins at church doors;give particular welcome to newcomers.
  • Hand out the parish directory when relevant.
  • Have other relevant resources at hand.
  • Introduce parishioners with questions to someone who can help them.
  • Explain about morning tea.

These tasks will evolve as we receive your feedback. Your support in setting up the initiative is greatly appreciated.

Upcoming Events

Day Trip to Galong

Date: Nov 28 2018

Please register at the parish office for a minibus day trip to St Clements Centre Galong.   The bus will be leaving Queanbeyan at 7:30am for morning tea at St Augustine’s Yass, then to St Clements Galong to explore the grounds, museum and chapels, and hot lunch in the dining room. Drive to Boorowa for a tour of beautiful St Patrick’s with Fr Troy and a wander through the local vintage shops, then home around 4:30pm. Thank you.

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