St Gregory's Parish, Queanbeyan Parish
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47 Lowe Street, Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia
Fr Troy Bobbin
(02) 6299 4611
Tue, Thu, Fri – 9.00am to 3.30pm

Parish News

PPC Minutes

November 2019

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Parish Pastoral Council Minutes

6 August 2019

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Sacramental Information Request Form

Download, complete & forward to Parish Office.

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Parish Pastoral Council - MInutes

4 December 2018

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Parish Newsletters

5 January 2020

Parish Bulletin

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1 December 2019

Parish Bulletin

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13 October 2019

Parish Bulletin

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30 June 2019

Parish Bulletin

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Rosters for 2020

Rosters will be prepared soon for 2020 if you would like be included or taken off our rosters for Reading,Acolyte, Ministers of Communion, Altar Serving, Cleaning, or communion to the Hospital, please call Rita or Lorraine at the Parish office. Or contact Libbi Wilson 0409319811 / NB: We do need more volunteers for each roster.

Upcoming Events

Lenten Lake Retreat

Date: Mar 25 2020

If you have put your name on the list to attend and have not finalized your payment could you please do so by 6 December as we need to make a payment to the venue.

Cost is $60pp (if you have forgotten if your name was on the list, you can view this in the sacristy)

No location details entered.

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