Catholic Parish of Pambula
Rear view
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Interior view
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79 Main Street, Merimbula NSW 2548
Fr Pale Leota
(02) 6495 1880

Parish News

Parish History

The story of the Pambula Parish.

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Past Priests

A history of the priests whom have served the parish.

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Parish Newsletters

27 May 2018

Parish Bulletin

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20 May 2018

Parish Bulletin

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13 may 2018

Parish Bulletin

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6 May 2018

Parish Bulletin

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Parish Centres

Our Lady Star of the Sea, Eden.

St Joseph's, Merimbula.

St Peter's, Pambula.

St Joseph's, Wyndham.


On any weekend during Mass.

Please contact Fr Pale.

Upcoming Events


During the month of May the Rosary will be said in all centres.  In Eden and Merimbula it will be said 20 minutes before Mass commences.  In Pambula it will be immediately after Mass concludes.

Please join us for this special Devotion to Mary the Mother of God.

Workshop for Readers & Extraordinary Ministers

Date: May 26 2018

A workshop will be conducted at Pambula Church at 10am for ALL READERS & EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS of the EUCHARIST. 

It will also be the annual meeting and review of our MINISTRY.  Anyone else interested is most welcomed. Please, your attendance is very important and appreciated.

Feast of the Blessed Body & Sacred Blood of Christ

Date: Jun 3 2018

A PROCESSION will be held at Pambula Church at 1pm to commemorate the Feast of the Blessed Body and Sacred Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi). The following Thanksgiving Prayer After Communion will also take effect after all Masses and will be prayed every Sunday from thereon as it becomes our Parish Thanksgiving Prayer After Holy Communion.

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