Catholic Parish of Pambula
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79 Main Street, Merimbula NSW 2548
Fr George Ogah
0435 036 236 or (02) 6495 0683
Wed, Thurs - 9.30am to 2.30pm

Faith Development Resources

Dynamic Catholic, Alive: We Will Serve the Lord

In the last chapter of the Book of Joshua we read, “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” How many of us wish that we could go back in time and be better spiritual leaders for our families when our children were younger? Too many of us think that it is too late to start. But all is not lost! Start now, be the spiritual leader you were called to be. Share the joy of your Catholic faith with others, especially your family members.

You are invited to look through the following faith development and liturgy resources, then read, listen to, or watch what you can and find yourself interested in. In the process, may your faith in God grow in you, and give you joy. Over time, additional resources will be added.

Resources for Faith Development

Theologians in Conversation (45 videos)

      Some samples of what you will find here are…

Theologians in Conversation - Where are we in Liturgical Scholarship?

Theologians in Conversation - Sacramentality

Theologians in Conversation - How do people perceive the liturgy?

Theologians in Conversation - How to renew the liturgy post Vatican II

Theologians in Conversation - Catholicism and others

Theologians in Conversation - Celtic Christianity: Myth and Reality

Centre for Catholic Studies, Durham University, UK

Includes 6 videos on Receptive Ecumenism, 6 on St Francis & St Clare, the Ushaw Lecture Series, and much more.

Liturgy Resources, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

Resources, Diocese of Rockhampton

Salt & Light Media

Catholic Theological Union (some paid, some free material)

Religious Press

La Croix International (online publication, $US 39.95/year, $US 69.00 for 2 years, free trial)

Independent Catholic News

Today’s American Catholic

Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor

  • Cry of the Earth, podcast 1

  • Cry of the Earth, podcast 2

  • Cry of the Earth, podcast 3


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