Our Lady of Mercy Parish
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Contact - 21 Morris Street, PO BOX 441
Cootamundra 2590, NSW
Fr Lolesio Gisa
(02) 6942 2514
Wednesdays 9am to 3.30pm Fridays 9am to 12pm. Emails & phones monitored.



Murrumburrah was gazetted in 1857 to service the demand for land as miners abandoned the search for gold. It was located in the Lachlan Pastoral District in which pastoralists held on licence grazing establishments of thousands of acres. From 1862, these landholders and new selectors could gain freehold for a living area. The district became a major centre for grain production and fine wool. In 1877, the railway arrived and a new town, Harden, developed as a twin town. The district had been cared for by the Yass Mission since 1838. A stone church was founded in 1868 at Murrumburrah (St Mary’s) and a brick church at Harden (St Anthony’s) was built in 1934. The Sisters of Mercy came in 1882.

Parish Priests

Fr Jerome Hennessy 1901-03

Fr John Gaffey 1903-07

Fr Patrick O’Shea 1907-18

Fr Daniel Griffin 1918-32

Fr Garrett Shannon 1933-35

Fr Austin O’Connor 1936-72

Fr Francis Keogh 1972-2000

Fr Joseph Tran 2000-2002

Fr Paul Bateman 2002-2003

Fr Joe Tran 2003-2006

Fr Simon Falk 2006-2008

Fr Greg Beath 2008-2009

Fr Kevin Barry-Cotter 2013-2014

Fr Joshy Kurien 2014-2019

Fr Lolesio Gisa 2019-

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