St John the Apostle Parish, Kippax
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25 Blackham Street, Holt ACT 2615
Rev Gerard McCormick msc
(02) 6254 3236
Mon. - Fri. 9am to 3pm


Parish History

St John the Apostle Parish was commissioned on 26 February 1972, and entrusted to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. (MSC)

We the parishioners of St John the Apostle Kippax, have been singularly blessed with the gift of being part of an MSC Parish. Over the years, our spiritual lives have been nourished and broadened by the teachings, friendship and support of an outstanding group of priests and brothers who have lived and journeyed with us. 

Each of our Priests (both Parish and Assistants), commencing with our founding Parish Priest -
Fr Harry Morrissey, has brought his own unique gifts to guide and share with us. 

Detailed below is a listing of the Priests and Brothers who have given and continue to give so much to our Parish and the wider community: 

Parish Priests:

1972 - 1981         Harry Morrissey
1982 - 1987         Bede North
1988 - 1993         Leo Hill
1994 - 1999         John Rate
July 1999 - 2000   Kevin Ehlefeldt (Acting Parish Priest)
2000-2001           Christopher (Chris) Murphy
2002-2004           Christopher (Chris) McPhee
2005 - 2006         Michael Fallon
2007                   Peter Wood (Acting Parish Priest)
2008 - 2010         Michael Fallon
2011                   Paul Browne
2012 –                Gerard McCormick 

Assistant Priests/Novices/Deacons:

1973-1974   William (Bill) Welsh
1973 -         Bernie McDonald
1975           Francis (Frank) Dineen
1976-1977   Leonard (Len) Helm
1978-1981   William (Bill) Welsh
1980           Peter Chalk, (Japanese Studies)
1982           William (Bill) Brady
1983           Peter Hearn
1982-1983   Desmond (Des) Holm, (Deacon)
1984-1985   John Kelliher
1986-1990   Christopher (Chris) Murphy
1991-1993   Edward (Ted) McCormack
1991-1992   Gregory (Greg) McEnnally
1994-1996   Roger Duggan
1997-2001   Dominic Gleeson
1998           Martin Monaghan, (Chaplain - Daramalan College)
2002           Rafael Seru
2002-2007   Edward James (Jim) Fallon, (Priest in Residence)
2002-2004   Michael Fallon
2003           Vito Kelekele, (Novice)
2004           Peter Hendriks, (Novice)
2005-2010   Mark Hanns
2010           John Bosman
2010           Frank Dineen
2011-2014   Alfin Buralele
2015-2016   Paul Browne

Parish Refugee Committee


Our Committee has operated since 1979 under several different Government arrangements.

For almost 22 years we provided direct practical assistance to refugees through the Community Refugee Settlement Scheme (CRSS). We were registered by the Immigration Department as a CRSS group and received limited government funding to assist refugees in specified ways. We operated to a very large extent by seeking donations from the public.

In 1997, our Committee was awarded Austcare’s National Paul Cullen Award for outstanding services to refugees. In 1999, to mark the 20th Anniversary of CRSS, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs awarded our Committee a Certificate of Appreciation for providing invaluable and continuing assistance in the settlement of refugees in the ACT.

CRSS ceased to operate from 1 July 2001. To that time we had provided a full range of settlement assistance to 45 families (175 persons) from 9 different countries to settle in the ACT, mainly in Belconnen. We also provided some assistance to humanitarian entrants from Kosovo in this period

Between 1 July 7 2001 and 1 September 2009, our Committee functioned as a Community Support for Refugees (CSR) - a group of volunteers registered through the Immigration Department under its Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Strategy (IHSS).

We assisted a number of different contractors in the IHSS which provided initial intensive settlement support for short periods, usually about 6 months. Our Committee continued to provide settlement support on a needs basis for humanitarian entrants who had been exited from IHSS. We also supported people with humanitarian needs, who had arrived outside the IHSS arrangements and who had Temporary Protection Visas. In 2004, we joined ACT Government coordinated arrangements to assist a number of Afghanistani asylum seekers recently released from detention on Nauru. In just over 4 years, we provided various forms of settlement assistance to 53 families (165 persons) from 8 different countries.

Since 2 October 2005 our Committee has operated as a community not - for - profit organisation. Since that date there has been no Government provision under its new form of IHSS for registering our Committee and we receive no Government funding. We now rely solely on donations from the public and the Church covers our insurance requirements. Under this new form of IHSS, there is one contractor in the ACT, a consortium of Catholic Care and Companion House. The RRC has remained willing to deliver settlement services for which IHSS contractors are responsible, however CatholicCare decided during 2008 not to request help from RRC volunteers. We do have a Working Agreement with Companion House. The end result is that an increasing proportion of the settlement services RRC provides is directed to humanitarian entrants who are outside the short term IHSS provisions.

In the period of operation to 2011, we have provided various forms of settlement assistance to 38 families (133 persons) from 7 different countries. We anticipate providing assistance to a number of other families in the near future. 

In almost 30 years of operation, the RRC has helped 136 families (473 persons) from 17 different countries. These people have come from many different cultures and many religious faiths, Christian and non- Christian. Many of them are now making outstanding contributions to Australia.

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