St Thomas the Apostle Parish, Kambah
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37 Boddington Crescent, Kambah, ACT, 2902
Rev Peter My
(02) 6231 9219
Monday - Friday 9.00am to 12noon

Holy Week at Home


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Good Friday

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Palm Sunday

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Holy Thursday

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Parish Newsletters

15 March 2020

Parish Bulletin

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1 March 2020

Parish Bulletin

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23 February 2020

Parish Bulletin

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16 February 2020

Parish Bulletin

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Vietnamese Services.

Vietnamese Masses will be held at St Thomas the Apostle at 5pm on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the Month by Fr Peter.

Lunar New Year Celebration Masses will also be held in Vietnamese on the following dates.

7:30pm - Thursday 11th February

7:30pm - Friday 12th February

5pm  - Sunday 14th February

Please contact the Office for more information.

St Thomas the Apostle Kambah - Updates

Healing Masses have returned.

Will be held on the 1st Friday of the month starting Friday 5th February. 
Mass will be followed by morning tea in the Parish Centre 

Please bring something to share.

The plumbing works in the Church are now finished.

The taps and toilets are all working. Thank you everyone for your patience during this rather long drawn out process

Normal Masses Have Returned - We are taking Bookings for Weekend Masses

Great news normal Masses are running & due to the update 1 person / 2m2 we can now have 200 inside the Church with up to 100 persons outside.

9:30am Monday  Liturgy of the Word

6:00pm Tuesday  Mass

9:30am Wednesday Mass

9:30am Thursday Mass

9:30am Friday Mass

6:00pm Saturday   Mass

8:30am Sunday Mass

10:00am Sunday Mass

For the time being we will be taking bookings for weekend Masses.  

This can be done by leaving your details by Thursday Evening.

Date  Mass Time  Name  (#) Attending  Contact Number

Phone 6231 9219  Please leave a message if unattended

Email Please put your details into the subject line of your email.

Sign Up Sheets These will be in the foyer on Mondays for the upcoming weekend 

If you do not book you can arrive at Mass on the day, however please be aware if we have 200 persons in the Church you will not be allowed to enter.  This is an ACT Government regulation that we must follow.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth in the office.

I hope that you stay, Safe, Well, Warm and Connected.

God Bless

COVIDSafe Plan

Here at St Thomas the Apostle the safety of all our Parishioners is paramount.

Please read and following the following protocols for each mass.


1. STAY at home and please DO NOT attend Mass if you are unwell or have any symptoms. 
(fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath) 

2. NOT exceed the maximum number of permitted persons in the Church at any time. 
(Due to the size of the St Thomas the Apostle Church this is a maximum of 200 persons.) 

3. ENSURE physical distancing of 1.5 metres at all times. 
(Immediate families members from same household excepted.) 

4. MAINTAIN good hand washing and cough/sneeze hygiene. 
(Please wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before entering and upon leaving the premises.) 
5. ENSURE good cleaning practices. 
(Use antibacterial wipes provided to wipe all contact surfaces in you use the Church for private prayer.)
(The Church will be cleaned before and after masses.)

6. ENSURE Good record keeping. 
(Please fill in register with name, contact number, time of arrival & departure,  

Or place details card into boxes provided.) 
(During weekend services there may be someone to fill these details in for you.) 
(Please DO NOT enter the building until your details are recorded.) 

7. RECOMMEND that all Parishioners download the COVIDSafe app to assist with contact tracing. 

8. CARE these protocols are for the safety of everyone. 



St Thomas the Apostle Kambah Parish & School Fete has been cancelled

It is with great disappointment that we have decided not to proceed with the 2020 St Thomas the Apostle Fete.

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, social distancing requirements.

We look with hope to the 2021 Fete and may it be the best one yet.

St Thomas Chicks It is with much sadness that due to the uncertainty with what will happen with COVID-19 the St Thomas Chicks trip in October has been cancelled. 

We look to 2021 with the hopes of booking a trip then.

Baptism Preparation

We are taking booking for Baptisms again, one the first, third and when It occurs fifth Sunday of the Month.

Please contact the office to make a booking, If you need to attend a Baptism Preparation Evening there is one next Thursday 3rd September.



Our distinguished men's group will be taking a break for the Festive Season & will reconvene on Thursday 4 February. FYI Michael  0408 626 918.

COVID-19 Archdiocese Protocols - Holy Communion

Archdiocesan Protocols for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Reception of Holy Communion in the Hand


The protocols for reception of Holy Communion that the Archdiocese has adopted are informed by the best medical expertise. In issuing these protocols, the Archbishop has acted according to Canon 837 of the Code of Canon Law which recognises that liturgical actions are “celebrations of the Church itself as the ‘sacrament of unity,’ that is, the holy people united and ordered under the bishops.”


The sensitive issue of asking all members of the faithful to receive Holy Communion in the hand – and not on the tongue – is in accord with sound reason, unity in our communities and the good of the faithful – in this case their physical health.


Given the living tradition of the Church, which highlights the most ancient practice of receiving Holy Communion in the hand, the Archbishop has the authority to instruct the faithful to receive Holy Communion in the hand during this time of Pandemic, with no exceptions.


From the earliest of times, the Church has always honoured our Eucharistic Lord with deep, and somewhat graphic faith, combined with practical piety. For instance, St. Cyril (313-386), in commenting on a 1st Century church document, teaches:


In approaching Holy Communion, come not with your wrists extended, or your fingers spread, but make your left hand a throne for the right, as for that which is to receive a King. Receive the Body of Christ, saying over it, Amen. So then after having carefully hallowed your eyes by the touch of the Holy Body, partake of it. Be careful lest you lose any portion of it, for whatever you lose, is evidently a loss to you as it were from one of your own members.


Then after you have partaken of the Body of Christ, draw near also to the Cup of His Blood, not stretching forth your hands, but bending and saying with an air of worship and reverence, Amen. And while the moisture is still upon your lips, touch it with your hands, and hallow your eyes and brow and the other organs of sense. Then wait for the prayer, and give thanks unto God, who has accounted you worthy of so great mysteries (Catechetical Lecture 23).


The faithful should be assured that in receiving Communion in the hand they are acting in accord with past generations of believers.


Father Anthony Percy VG

July 2020


Archdiocesan Protocols


Liturgical and Pastoral

ACT Parishes

Effective Friday 19 June 2020

1-8 Refer to NSW Parishes Only



 9. Masses are to be celebrated with no more than 100 people, respecting the 

4sqm per person rule (including priest and those involved in liturgical ministries).

    a. Communion in the hand only.

    b. Sacred Host, not the Precious Blood, to be offered.

    c. No touching at the sign of peace.

    d. No collection plates are to be used, but money/envelopes placed at collection points.

    e. 4sqm per person rule

    i.   Seating

    ii. Standing

    iii. During the Communion Procession

    iv. During the movement to place money/envelopes at the collection points.


    f. Hygiene practices

    i. Sanitisation of hands before entering the church

    ii. Wiping down of pews and common areas at conclusion of Mass.

    iii. Priest and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to purify hands with sanitiser before and after offering Holy Communion

    iv. Limit the use of books. Ensure they are cleansed between use.


    g. Register of people upon entering the church

    i. Name

    ii. Phone and/or email

    iii. To be kept in safe place (respecting privacy laws for 28 days for chief medical officer)


 10. No more than 100 people, respecting the 4sqm per person rule (including clergy and liturgical ministers). Funeral directors to keep register of people who attend.


 11. No more than 100 people, respecting the 4sqm per person rule 

(including clergy and liturgical ministers).

Church to keep register of people who attend in accord with 9(g).


12. No more than 100 people, respecting the 4sqm per person rule 

(including priest and those involved in liturgical ministries).



13. First Rite of penance, with priest and penitent respecting the 4sqm per person rule

14. Second Rite of penance to be celebrated with no more than 100 people, respecting the 

4sqm per person rule (including priest and liturgical ministers).


Prayer and Social Gatherings

15. No more than 100 people whether inside Church or other Church facility, 

respecting the 4sqm per person rule.



NSW & ACT Parishes

Effective immediately


Communion to Sick and Elderly Persons

16. Normal pastoral practice resumes. Communion to sick persons in hospitals, 

aged care homes and private homes.


Anointing of the Sick

 17.  Normal pastoral practice resumes. Anointing of the sick in hospitals, aged care homes and 

private homes.

18. If the person has COVID 19, please consult the Vicar General.

19. Hospital rosters resume in the ACT.


First Penance, First Holy Communion & Confirmation

20. Normal pastoral practice resumes, respecting liturgical and pastoral protocols.



Father Anthony Percy

Vicar General

16 June 2020


The Church's Liturgical Calendar tells us we are in "Ordinary Time" but for many of us our time is anything but "Ordinary".  Many challenges are put in our way as we try to deal with restrictions on what we would usually deem as "normal" in our everyday life.  Our journey of companionship starts with the relationship we have with Jesus, with each other & with those we assist.  Lord, may we hear your call strong in faith & love.    

2nd Collection Donations & CDF News

CDF News

The CDF has set up a quick & easy way to donate to the First & Second Collections in our Parish.

Just use the following link & fill in the form.

Please ensure you pick which collection you wish to donate too (1st or 2nd) & enter your information to ensure that the money you donate comes back to us.

We really appreciate you continued support during this difficult time.

Second Collection (Parish Revenue)

All money from the second collection is banked in the Church account.

It is used for the running of the parish. eg utilities (including presbytery utilities), parish secretary wage, priest vehicles & superannuation, stationary, maintenance, insurance etc.

As well as payments to support the Australian Catholic Bishop’s Conference, the NSW Bishop’s Conference, the Apostolic Nunciature (contributions to the Vatican) & the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Catholic Council.


Paying by Cash

If you wish to drop your cash envelopes into the locked Church letter box these will be collected, counted and banked as usual.

Set up a Direct Debit  

Please download the attached form, fill in a return the office either by way of the locked letter box at the Church or via email to

Pay by Credit Card

Credit Cards are debited monthly on or about the 20th of the month.

Please download the attached form, fill in a return the office either by way of the locked letter box at the Church or via email to

Direct Deposit.

We can also accept direct deposits into our bank account, please ensure that you put your name &/or your envelope number in the description so that I can match your payment back to your envelope number in the system.

The account details are as follows.

*  BSB:              062 786

*  Acc #:           000 014 976

*  Acc Name:  St Thomas the Apostle Parish Church

*  Reference:  PG Surname, First Name or Envelope Number


Forms can downloaded from the APPLICATION FORMS tab.


Online Resources

Online prayer service including streaming of masses are available using the following links.


Canberra Goulburn Archdiocese Resources


Chanel 10 is broadcasting Mass on Sunday Mornings at 6am this is then replayed on both Aurora and Foxtel check local guides for details.


Other Resources


Mass on the internet from the Jesuit church in Lavender Bay in Sydney




Fr Peter & Parish Pastoral Council may have a Zoom meeting Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 6pm

More information to come. Emergency correspondence will be done via email.

Project Compassion - Donations


ARCHDIOCESE OF Canberra/Goulburn 



If you would like to donate to project compassion the following methods are available


Paying by Cash

If you wish to drop your cash envelopes into the locked Church letter box these will be collected, counted and banked as usual.


Direct Deposit

*  BSB:            062 786

*  Acc #:          000 012 830

*  Acc Name:   Caritas Australia,

*  Reference:   PC20   Parish Suburb/Town or Area name


Paying by Cheque or Credit Card

if you wish to drop your cheque or credit card envelopes into the locked Church letter box these will be collected, counted and banked as usual or post to.

*  Address:      Caritas Australia

GPO Box 368



Project Compassion Website


Phone or In Person - Monday to Friday

·       Caritas-Office:               02 6201 9851 or 0437 295 327.

·       Caritas-Office:               6 Donaldson Street Braddon (please call to arrange an appointment).

·       Caritas Nation Office:  1800 024 413


If none of these arrangements are suitable please feel free to hold onto your donation until after this health crisis is resolved.

Baptisms, Weddings & Funeral

Baptism     Bookings will not be taken at this time.

Weddings Are restricted to a maximum of 10 people in attendance excluding those conducting the service..

Funerals    Will be restricted to 20 people indoors & 30 people outside in attendance, excluding those

conducting the service.


If you wish to proceed with a Wedding or Funeral under these conditions please contact the Parish Office on (02) 62319219 or


Scam Email

Over the last couple of weeks we have received several reports of scam emails doing the rounds again, impersonating our clergy staff whilst asking for a favour and to reply to the email. See below for a screenshot of an example of one of these emails.

This notice is simply a reminder to please be vigilant when it comes to these kinds of requests. 

Please be aware that these emails were NOT sent from a address, however this may not be immediately apparent on mobile devices. 

Please do not reply to these emails, and simply block the sender and delete the email.

The following is an example of a scam email that was received.

From:Fr Peter My. Parish Priest []
Sent:30 March, 2020 3:33 PM


How are your doing?

I need a favor from you, email me as soon as you get this message.

God Bless,
Fr. Peter My, Parish Priest

Restarting of Masses

Dear Parishioners,

I hope that this bulletin finds you well. 

We have some great news. The petition to increase numbers was more successful that we expected.  

From Midnight Friday 19th June 100 people (including clergy) will be permitted for Church services.

The petitions received more than 1300 signatures which is a tremendous response, especially considering the average petition in the ACT receives 500 signature.

Many thanks to Fr Tony Percy and others for all their hard work in this matter.

The ACT Government has also updated their website to reflect this information.

So what does this mean.

There will be a number of protocol that will be implemented to ensure that we are compliant with Federal, Local & Archdiocese rules, these will be provided, displayed and available upon request. 

One of the most important will be

Please ensure you use the sign in sheet in the foyer of the Church when visiting the Church 

this can be used to track contact if any issues arise.

As we start to spend more time together in greater number we still need to ensure that we stay Warm, Well, Safe & Connected.  We need to remember and use our new skills to communicate effectively with those that we love and care for who still may no feel safe / ready to venture out.

If you need anything please email or call 6231 9219 & leave a message &

I will try to get you assistance or information if I can. 

Remember we are all in this together, Stay Warm, Safe, Well & Connect and if you need help ask for it.  

God Bless. Elizabeth.

Message from Fr Peter - Friday 12th June 2020

Dear Parishioners,

We have had some exciting news, from Saturday 20th June 100 people (including Clergy) will be permitted to attend masses as long as social distancing & other protocols are adhered to. 

Last Wednesday our PPC met on zoom talking about issues in our Parish: Re finance, church, parishioners, school…

The main issue is:

We are preparing for the return to normal by planning how to register, to roster, to clean, to support each other ….

In terms of the Archdiocesan protocols we are waiting for an official updates after the release of the story on Catholic Voice and update of ACT Government Website.

Together keep on praying.

God bless,

Fr Peter My.

Message from Fr Peter - Friday 5th June 2020

Dear Parishioners, 

On the way back to normal, a few notes I would like to raise:
- St Vincent de Paul had their first meeting last Monday June 1st since the lockdown;
- Our office was opened since last Tuesday June 2nd;
- All staff, teachers and students of our school have returned;
- Special ministers have been ministering Holy Communion to some housebound;
- The Winter soup kitchen has been serving;
- Reconciliation is available from 5pm to 5.30pm on Saturdays in the Church;
- Bookings for Weddings and Baptisms now are available;
While waiting for more churchgoers allowed in the church building we continue our parish zoom mass at 9.30am every day.
- More than welcome to join the mass;
- Please sign the petition on the Daily Voice for more numbers of churchgoers permitted in the church  building if you had not yet done it;
- If we got 50 people allowed by June 20th we would do mass in the church with a roster on the  weekend;
- We will prepare to have a cleaning system ready when services are available in the church;
- We are trying hard again to fix the water system in the church and also the sacristy problem;
- The PPC next meeting on zoom is at 6pm this coming Wednesday June 10th;
- Lastly, please keep praying for the return to the full normal activities in our parish.


God bless,

Fr Peter My.

Message from Fr Peter Saturday 29th May 2020


Dear Parishioners


How are you all?


ACT relaxes the Covid-19 restrictions with more churchgoers allowed in the church building, but it still is a small number as mentioned in the latest protocols of our Archdiocese as follows:

Archdiocese lobbies ACT government for bigger Masses


Vicar-General Fr Tony Percy 


New South Wales will allow Masses for 50 people from next Monday & the ACT should do the same, the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn has argued.

Vicar-General Fr Tony Percy has today written to ACT Chief Health Officer Dr Kerryn Coleman pointing out that, from tomorrow, funerals in the ACT can have 50 people but not Masses. Masses in the ACT are still restricted to 10 people.


From tomorrow, that number will increase to 20 parishioners in line with Step 2.1 of the ACT Recovery Plan. Step 2.2 takes effect on June 20 but still only allows 20 people for Mass, despite permitting 50 people at gyms and health clubs.

From mid-July a total of 100 parishioners will be allowed through church doors when Step 2.3 takes effect.

Advocating for the 160,000 Catholics across the Archdiocese, Fr Tony said churches were large buildings that could easily comply with physical distancing and hygiene rules.

In his letter, the Vicar-General acknowledged the “marvellous work” of Dr Coleman and the ACT Health Department in dealing with COVID 19 and said the community was deeply grateful.

“Would it be possible for Step 2.1 to permit places of worship and religious ceremonies to have a max of 50 people?” Fr Tony wrote.

“This is respectfully requested, given that our Churches are large public buildings that can easily comply with the 1 per 4sqm rule and satisfy hygiene requirements.

“This request seems consistent with the fact that in Step 2.1, 50 people are permitted for a funeral and in Step 2.2, up to 50 people will be allowed in other public places, including gyms, health clubs, fitness and wellness centres.

“This request would also provide consistency with NSW, which will permit 50 people for places of worship and religious services from Monday 1 June 2020.”

The Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn covers 89,000 square kilometres, Fr Tony pointed out, incorporating the ACT and large parts of country NSW, and comprises more than 160,000 Catholics.


NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

The NSW government has announced a further easing of restrictions with up to 50 people permitted at funerals and religious services from Monday and up to 20 people at weddings.

This follows political pressure from Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher and other religious leaders who argued faith services should be considered essential during the pandemic.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said churches must follow guidelines which are likely to ban choirs and group singing and minimize book sharing and collection plates.


“It is crucial that worshippers remember to follow health advice,” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said. “This is particularly important for people with comorbidities aged over 65 and people aged over 70.”


Accordingly, following the above instructions and rules, our Parish of Kambah will:

·       Start booking for baptisms & weddings;

·       Continue to hear confession from 5 to 5.30pm on Saturdays;

·       Small groups return to their activities. St Vincent de Paul will start their meeting on Monday 1st June;

·       PPC will be meeting at 6pm on Wednesday June 10, 2020;

·       Parish Office will be reopen from 9am-12pm, from Monday to Friday;

·       Fr Peter will start visiting the housebound and working more at school;

·       While waiting for the news from Fr Tony Percy about the number of Mass attendants allowed, we will continue to have daily Zoom Mass at 9.30am.


Hopefully we will return to the normal very soon.


God bless,

Fr Peter My.

Message from Fr Peter Saturday 22nd May 2020.

Dear Parishioners,

How are you all?

Hopefully in June we will have more freedom in terms of Coronavirus restrictions and we then will be able to worship the Lord in the church.

For the time beings, we don’t go to church but still have church services. Thanks to a lot of enthusiastic Parishioners who actively attend daily zoom mass, every day our parish has a beautiful and spiritual prayer time together. Welcome all to this while waiting for life returning to normal.

Some renovations are going inside the church. The vestment cupboard was pulled out and is on the process of being fixed.

Our School has been back. It’s great! I myself enjoy more activities, more cheerful noises around the presbytery. Please pray for all Students, Teachers and Staff of our Primary School.

God bless,

Fr Peter My.

Message from Fr Peter Saturday 16th May 2020.

Dear Parishioners,

Our patience has really been tested. The restrictions have been eased a lot, but still restrictions they are. Hopefully early next month, June we will be back to normal.

In terms of activities in our parish: The PPC met last Wednesday on zoom to look at current issues in our parish and school; St Vincent de Paul society, our parish branch has still been actively ministering to the poor and the needy; Our parish winter soup kitchen is ready and willing to operate again, whoever wishes to support the kitchen please get in touch with our PPC or directly with Michael Tabart (62316997).

I still hear confession at the presbytery for those who desperately need the Sacrament. Next Saturday evening 23-May, however, I will hear confession at the usual time (5-5.30) in the confessional in the church - Just a gentle reminder that only 10 people are allowed in the church at a time. Today is the first time since Easter, I celebrate a Sacrament in the Church, the Requiem Mass with 20 people. It is sad but still better than nothing.

With these few lines I just want to let you know that our parish is on the way back to normal soon, we hope and pray for that.

May Mary, God’s Mother on the month of May be with you and yours.

God bless,

Fr Peter My.


Message from Fr Peter - Friday 8th May 2020

Australia has been doing well in terms of conquering the Coronavirus, restrictions start to ease. It’s great news. Hopefully our church will be opened soon. For the time being, a spiritual prayer time at home on daily Zoom Mass every morning in our parish has been improving. Every day from 10 to 50 families actively attend the Eucharist. It is very true, as being explained in the below cartoon “With COVID-19, I closed your churches!” says Satan. “On the contrary, I just opened one in every home!” says God.

Some people are very enthusiastic and keen on the winter soup kitchen, which has been extremely successful the last few years in our parish. They want to open the kitchen again. I suggest that due to the restrictions, we ought to be patient waiting for a little bit longer.

Thank you one and all for continuing to support the parish with finance.

We still receive donations in different forms: envelops, cash, electronic banking… 

Happy Mother’s day on Sunday! May God bless all our Mothers in a Special Way!

And May God bless and protect you and yours. Fr Peter.




Message from Fr Peter 2nd May 2020

Hi everyone,

Firstly, hoping this note finds you all well.

Restrictions in many parts in Australia have been loosened. It’s a good news. Hopefully we will soon come back to normal activities. For the time being, our church is still closed for worship, but has been opened the last few days for some works: Fixing the carpet and cupboard in the sacristy which were damaged by leaking water.

I believe some parishioners have been enduring some sorts of difficulties in terms of finance. The poor and the needy, in a way, obviously have experienced this. Unfortunately, two baskets with some food in them, placed next to the sign of St Vinnie in front of our meeting room disappeared last week. God bless those who were in need and took those baskets.

Our Zoom Daily Mass has been improving day by day. We now even have “different choirs” singing at Mass. It’s wonderful and prayerful. Thanks all volunteers for joyfully sharing a variety of ministries at the Eucharist. Our community indeed has a spiritual prayer time every day. Until we come back to normal life, feel free to join the Parish Zoom Mass at 9.30am every morning. It’s a great blessing to be with the Lord; And through Him, with Him and in Him we all have been strengthened.

Lastly, I would like to send you this May blessings:

God bless,

Fr Peter My.


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