St Patrick's Parish, Gundagai
Church exterior
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St Patrick's Church interior.
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Homer Street, Gundagai
PO Box 204 Gundagai NSW 2722
Fr George Ogah
(02) 6944 1029
Tuesday 9.30am - 12.30pm

Parish News

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Parish Newsletters

21 October 2018

Parish Bulletin

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14 October 2018

Parish Bulletin

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7 October 2018

Parish Bulletin

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30 September 2018

Parish Bulletin

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Pastoral Care of the Our Sick

 If you have relatives or friends who have been part of our parish life and are now in nursing care or at home and would like a visit from our pastoral team please ring the presbytery on 69441-029 leave a message or email

Used Stamps

Please save your used stamps and place them in the box provided at the back of the Church.

On behalf of Mary MacKillop International, I thank you for your generous support in supplying and assisting w ith used stamps

Upcoming Events

Mission Sunday

Date: Oct 20 2018

This weekend is Mission Sunday.  All loose money in the second collection will be donated to the Missions.

World Mission Sunday is the one Sunday in the year w hen the entire global Church comes together in support of missions.  All the donations from these w orldwide Masses go entirely to support churches, hospitals, schools and vocations in countries w here the Church is new , young or poor.  World Mission Sunday is our chance to show love and solidarity to our family in faith overseas.  Through prayers, we support missionaries everywhere in spreading the Good news.

By donating we respond to Christ’s call to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

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