St Patrick's Parish, Gundagai
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Homer Street, Gundagai
PO Box 204 Gundagai NSW 2722
Fr Joseph Neonbasu
6947 4599
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am - 2pm

Parish News

Ministry Roster

July - October 2023

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Parish Newsletters

17 September 2023

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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10 September 2023

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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3 September 2023

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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27 August 2023

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Pastoral Outreach

If you are, or you have, housebound, sick or isolated family and friends who would appreciate a call or visit from Fr Joseph, please get in touch with the office on 6947 4599 or


Baptisms in Gundagai are celebrated during Mass on Friday at 12noon.  This is a wonderful way to bring your child (or yourself) into the community of our church surrounded by the faithful.  

To request a baptism, please fill in the booking form under 'Application Forms' on the left-hand menu, or send me an email or call the Parish office (Ph. 6947 4599) - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am - 2pm.

You are required to attend the baptism two step preparation.  

Step 1 - Meet the priest

Step 2 - Presentation and Baptism with your Church Community

Any enquiries please contact the parish on 6947 4599 or email -

Upcoming Events

Sacramental Dates - First Holy Communion 2023

Eucharist Preparation - Term Four - See Application Forms


Week 3

Lesson 1 - Tuesday 24th October 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Lesson 2 - Saturday 28thOctober 4:45 pm – 5:50 pm - 6 pm for 

                  Commitment Mass

Week 4

Lesson 3 - Tuesday 31st October 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Lesson 4 - Saturday 4th November 4:45 pm – 5:50 pm - 6 pm Mass


Week 5

Lesson 5 - Tuesday 7th November 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Lesson 6 - Wednesday 8th November Preparation Day 9:15 am – 3:00 pm


Sacrament of First Holy Communion - Saturday 11th November – 6pm Mass (Week 5)


Archdiocese Events Proposed for 2023

These are events that all parishioners and school communities are invited to attend

  • Sunday 22 October –  Marian Procession, Galong
  • Saturday 4 November –  Catholic Charismatic Teaching Day with Archbishop, Haydon Hall, St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre, Forrest

The latest news about the Calvary takeover

A Message from Father Tony Percy
On Monday, 4 September 2023, the Senate will conduct its hearing enquiry into the ACT Greens-Labor Government's unjust takeover of Calvary Public Hospital. It begins at 6 pm and runs to 8 pm.
You are most welcome to come to Parliament House, Canberra, for the hearing. A full room overflowing with ordinary Australian citizens would be good.
I spoke again with Ray Hadley on Monday, 28 August 2023, about the unjust Calvary takeover, the ACT Government’s legislation to legalise illicit drugs, and its plan to allow Voluntary Assisted Dying for teenagers who display ‘decision-making capacity.’ It accompanies this brief update.
After the Senate enquiry, I will be in touch about our proposal to petition every single politician in our country to ensure that the unjust compulsory acquisition of Calvary is the first and last unjust acquisition of its kind in our country’s history.
Again, thanks for your interest and support.

Resources for the approaching October Synod

The entire Catholic community is praying for guidance and wisdom from the Holy Spirit in this important time for our Church as we discern where God is calling us to be.

We encourage faith communities and groups across Australia to use these prayers in a variety of ways:
•            family prayer
•            group prayer and devotion
•            in the liturgy, where appropriate
•            novenas
•            personal prayer
•            prayer in the classroom
•            prayer before meetings
•            praying with the saints
•            praying the Rosary
Together 2023 Prayer Meetings
Several groups around the world, including some from Australia, have registered groups that will be meeting either in the lead-up to the Synod, or during the Together 2023 Prayer Vigil on 30 September. More information about these groups can be found on the Together2023 website under “Prayers elsewhere in the world”, or at this link:
Video on Synodality
Fr Ormond Rush, who served on the Synod of Bishops’ theological commission, and has been appointed as one of the experts to advise at the upcoming Synod, has recorded a video explaining what Synodality is and what his hopes for the Synod are. The video runs for 8 and a half minutes and can be a useful resource for sharing the concept of Synodality with others, such as at the end of parish Mass, during a small group meeting, or in a newsletter to parents of parish school students. The video can be found here:
Other Resources
I remind you that many other resources and links to useful information can also be found on the Australian Synodal Church webpage:
and on the official website for the Synod 2021-2024:
Thank you all for your continued prayers in preparation for the Synod.

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