St Joseph's Grenfell Parish
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St Joseph's Parish, Grenfell
C/- St Mary's Parish,
Campbell St YOUNG NSW 2594 or
P O Box 6, YOUNG NSW 2594
Fr Jiss Sunny MS
(02) 6382 2222 Tue-Fri during school hours.

Parish Team

Our Parish Team

Assistant Priest
Fr Jiss Sunny
Fr Yoseph Neonbasu
Cath McDonald
(Tuesday to Friday - 6382-2222)
Parish Pastoral Council
Elizabeth Carroll, Terry & Deidre Carroll, Mary Moffitt, Therese Clancy and Michael Nealon.
Finance Council
Terry Carroll, Peter Butcher and Julie Finn
Sacramental Co-ordinator
Leslie King
Liturgy Co-ordinator
Jeanne Montgomery

Our Schools

St Joseph's Catholic School
26 Weddin Street, Grenfell NSW 2810
(02) 6343-1514
Ms Therese Clancy
(02) 6343-1514
School Administration Officer
Nichola Baker
(02) 6343-1514

Our Regional Schools

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