St Joseph's Grenfell Parish
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St Joseph's Parish, Grenfell
C/- St Mary's Parish,
Campbell St YOUNG NSW 2594 or
P O Box 6, YOUNG NSW 2594
Fr Tom Thornton
(02) 6382 2222 during school hours.

Parish News

St Joseph's Parish School

A brief history of the school

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1962 to 2017

A list of many of those involved in the life of the parish and parish school.

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Parish Council Minutes

An historical perspective compiled by Judy McInnes.

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St Joseph's Parish Grenfell

A brief history

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Parish Newsletters

17 February 2019

Parish Bulletin

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10 February 2019

Parish Bulletin

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3 February 2019

Parish Bulletin

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27 January 2019

Parish Bulletin

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By appointment.  Please provide six months notice.

Please contact the parish office in Young on (02) 6382 2222 or email:

Baptismal Preparation

Please contact the parish office in Young.

Contact (02) 6382 2222 or email:

Upcoming Events



St Joseph’s Parish will host the Debutante Ball this year.

Persons interested in being involved on the committee are asked to register their names with Deidre Carroll on 6343-1574 or (0403) 480-729.

A meeting date will be set once names are in. (Community Chairperson - St Joseph’s Parish).



Grenfell PPC has purchased a set of DVD’s entitled “The Bible and the Virgin Mary”.

It is part of the “Journey through Scripture. The program is designed to help ordinary Catholics grow in their knowledge of scripture while deepening their understanding of the riches of our faith.

To be held in St Joseph’s Primary School library in Grenfell, either on a Wednesday or Thursday from 10am  - 12 o’clock and a repeat session for those who are unavailable in the mornings from 6-00pm - 8-00pm.

The initial session will be two hours, but the following sessions will be only one hour. We will begin the program on either 20th or 21st February, 2019.

If you are interested in attending, please contact either Mary Moffit on (0419) 440-692 or Di Franks on (0418) 619-740. (We need to know numbers for booklets).

THE SUNDAY SQUEEZE (Finding time for Mass in a busy schedule)

Family time is busy. Even without children, our modern lives are packed with activities.

So how do busy people make time for Mass, and why would they want to?


         ·           Plan ahead - Schedule Mass ahead of time and fit other activities around it. Make Mass the                                   priority or it will get squeezed out.     

         ·           Free up Sundays - Do chores on weekday nights. Confine kids activities to other days.

         ·           After Mass bonus - keep the positivity going afterwards with a visit to the park, an ice cream shop                         or café.

         ·           Double duty - If you are on the road, attend Mass near where you’ll be doing other things.


         1.           Feed your soul: Mass is a spiritual superfood.

         2.           Connect with others.

         3.           Breathe, Rest, Recharge: Get off the activity treadmill.

         4.           God said so: Do we need a better reason?

Through Sunday rest, daily concerns and tasks find their proper perspective, the material things we worry about give way to spiritual values.

St Pope John Paul II.



To be held on Friday, 15th and Saturday, 16th March 2019. Donations of saleable goods - cakes, slices, biscuits, jams, pickles, books, plants etc as well as volunteers to assist on the stall would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Terry on (0407) 213-033 or Deidre Carroll on (0403) 480-729 for any further information.


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