Mary Queen of Apostles Parish, Goulburn
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36 Verner Street, Goulburn NSW 2580
Fr Dermid McDermott
(02) 4821 1022
Monday - Friday 8.30am to 12.30pm

Parish News

Goulburn Mission

Easter Schedule Update

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Lenten Retreat

Details of the Goulburn Mission Retreat

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Homily - Fr McDermott

25 February 2018

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Sacraments 2018

Letter for parents

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Parish Newsletters

11 march 2018

Parish Bulletin

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4 March 2018

Parish Bulletin

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25 February 2018

Parish Bulletin

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18 February 2018

Parish Bulletin

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Spiritual and Faith Teams

Legion of Mary Prayer Group:  each Wednesday at 2.00pm.  Contact Mrs Kate Yeldon (4821 2319) or Ms Judy Kelly (4821 5487).

Exploring the Sunday Gospel;  each Wednesday at 11.00am.  Contact (4822 4853).

Charismatic Prayer Group:  Contact Ms Pamela Heaton (0408 860903).

Holy Hour Group:  each Friday at 3.00pm.  Contact Mr Tom Manning (4821 7650).

Emmaus Group:  Contact Sr Loretta Corrigan (0428 155489).

Easter Schedule

Parish Reconciliation

  • Goulburn - Tuesday 20 March 7.00pm SPP
  • Taralga - Wednesday 21 March 7.00pm
  • Crookwell - Thursday 22 March 7.00pm

Holy Thursday

  • Goulburn SPP and Crookwell 7.00pm

Good Friday

  • Stations of the Cross 10.00am - SPP
  • Passion - Goulburn SPP, Taralga, Crookwell 3.00pm

Easter Vigil

  • Goulburn SPP, Taralga, Crookwell 7.00pm

Easter Sunday

  • Goulburn OLOF 7.00am
  • Goulburn SPP 10.00am
  • Crookwell 9.00am
  • Binda 10.30am

Easter Readers Required

ONLY 3 People have contacted Ruth!

It is a big job to organise, and we thank Ruth for taking it on again this year. Please phone if you would like to take part, so people don’t have to ring around and make their job harder.

Holy Thursday, 2 Readers, Easter Vigil 5 Readers, Easter Sunday 10am 2 Readers,
5 Eucharistic Ministers. Please contact Ruth Vial on 0419414212 if you are available. Good Friday 2 Readers for the First Readings.

Upcoming Events

A Travesty of Justice

Date: Mar 25 2018

Sung Evidence - written by St Matthew with glorious music by J. S. Bach.

Three soloists, three choirs, organ and orchestra commencing at 2.30pm at St Peter & Paul's, Bourke Stree Goulburn.

Entry: $20.  School children free.

Lenten Retreat on Eucharist - The Word of God & The Passion of our Lord

Date: Mar 10 2018

Goulburn Mission
The retreat is focused on Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation, Eucharist & the Word of God, which deepens our relationship with God & one another…
Saturday /Sunday, March 10 / 11: Homily at weekend masses.
Monday, March 12: 7.00pm Mass, OLOF followed by talk & reflection; 7.30pm – 8.30pm. Healing through God’s Love and Forgiveness: Reflection Isaiah 53.5; ‘By his wounds, we are healed’
Tuesday, March 13: 7.00pm Mass, OLOF followed by talk & reflection;
7.30pm – 8.30pm.  Healing through the Word of God & Eucharistic Adoration: Reflection Matthew:8.8; ‘By our faith on the Word of God, we are healed’
Wednesday, March 14: 7.00pm OLOF -Concluding Mass with Reflection on Eternal life.  By His Body and Blood we are healed.
Confession: Monday - Wednesday: 6pm -6.45pm.

Fr.Gilbert Carlo svd (Divine Word Missionary), has been conducting scripture based meditative retreats since 1989, in India, Australia, USA, UK, Germany and many other countries to promote contemplation in the Church.  Contact details of Fr. Gilbert Carlo SVD:  Divine Word Missionaries, 22 Woodvale Road, Boronia VIC 3155.  Mobile: 0424202191 E mail:

Goulburn Parish
36 Verner Street, Goulburn NSW 2580
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