Mary Queen of Apostles Parish, Goulburn
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36 Verner Street, Goulburn NSW 2580
Fr Dermid McDermott
(02) 6239 9863
Monday - Friday 8.30am to 12.30pm

Parish News

December Rosters

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November Rosters

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October Rosters

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Homily - Fr McDermott

2 September 2018

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Parish Newsletters

18 November 2018

Parish Bulletin

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11 November 2018

Parish Bulletin

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4 November 2018

Parish Bulletin

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28 October 2018

Parish Bulletin

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Dramatic Increase in Numbers Seeking Emergency Assistance.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking emergency assistance with energy bills and food supplies, since the closure of Angels for the Forgotten. SVDP is the only charitable organisation meeting these needs at the moment and additional volunteers are urgently required to:
  • Interview people in need of assistance and/or do home visits to those unable to come to the centre

  • Answer the phone and make appointments for people seeking help

  • Assist with computer data entry.

  • Pack food in bags ready for distribution

  • Help at the OLOF Kiosk on Saturday mornings after the 9am Mass, or on Sundays after the 7am Mass.

Volunteers are required to become a member of the SVDP Society, and to complete a Police Check.  Please contact the centre at 27 Verner St on 4828 5971, Kevin on 4821 7486, Irene on 4821 7255, or Wendy on 4821 7492, for further information

SPP Resotration Christmas Cards

SPP Restoration Christmas cards are available for purchase after mass 10 for $5.

Upcoming Events

Parish Listening and Dialogue Session

Date: Nov 22 2018
At the Goulburn Soldiers Club for a morning session from 10:30 – 12:30 or an evening session from 7:00 – 9:00.

Parishioners are invited to this Parish Listening and Dialogue Session to think about and talk about their experiences of faith and life and the Church and to listen and talk with others about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.


What you say is important for the agenda of the Council.

What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

What do you think Catholics have left the Church?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words Catholic Church?

If you had the opportunity to speak face to face with Pope Francis what would you say to him about the Catholic?

Rome Pilgrims

Date: Nov 27 2018
The Rome Pilgrims for September 2019 will be gathering at 5.00pm in the parish meeting room in Verner Street to start the planning for the pilgrimage.

Craft Group and Catechists Christmas Luncheon

Date: Dec 4 2018

The lunch will be at 12 noon at the Centretown Lagoon Restaurant.

The cost is $29 to be paid on the day. All welcome.  Please ring Rita on 4821 1552 or Wendy on 4821 7492 before 2nd December so we can confirm numbers.

Goulburn Parish
36 Verner Street, Goulburn NSW 2580
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