Crookwell Parish
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St Mary's-
Wade Street, Crookwell NSW 2583
Fr Joshy Kurien (Administrator)
(02) 48321633 (Parish Office) (02) 62399863 (Goulburn)
Tues and Thurs 9.00am - 2.00pm.

Parish Information

New Parishioners Census Form

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Direct Debit Forms

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Sacramental Enrolment Form 2021

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Baptism Information Letter

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Parish Newsletters

11 April 2021

Parish Bulletin

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4 April 2021

Parish Bulletin

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21 March 2021

Parish Bulletin

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14 March 2021

Parish Bulletin

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Planned Giving Contributions

We have had some enquiries regarding the continuation of planned giving and donations to the 1st collection (Clergy) and 2nd collection (Church) during this time of church closures. We sincerely thank you for your generosity and caring support of our Parish. In this difficult time please only give if you can afford to. I encourage you to embrace the electronic transfer from your personal online banking if you can.

EFT details- which you set up in online banking-

1st collection- Central presbytery EFT- BSB 062 786 ACC 000029248 Ref: Cwell.+ (Surname)

2nd collection- Parish St Marys Crookwell

BSB062 786 EFT- ACC 000014901 Ref: pg+ (env no /surname) (numbers will not work at a branch )

Direct Debit- Over the counter at a bank branch

1st BSB: 062-902 Account Number: 00903419 Reference: 80152 + surname (is fine)

2nd BSB: 062-902 Account Number: 00903419 Reference: 14901 + pg no + (surname)

If you have any queries and need help please contact the Parish Office.


The Planned giving envelops can also be dropped in the mailbox attached to the parish office door.

Thank you. Fr Joshy

Giving Options