Crookwell Parish
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St Mary's-
Wade Street, Crookwell NSW 2583
Fr Dermid McDermott
(02) 6239 9863
Tues and Thurs 9.00am - 2.00pm.

Parish News

Confirmation Information Update

Please download.

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Homily - Fr McDermott

20 January 2019

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Parish Newsletters

14 July 2019

Parish Bulletin

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7 July 2019

Parish Bulletin

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30 June 2019

Parish Bulletin

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23 June 2019

Parish Bulletin

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Planned Giving Contributions

Would you like to set up your Planned Giving contribution to be made by Direct Payment?

Please contact the Parish Office to set it up and save having to use the envelopes or alternatively -Bank details are – BSB 062 786 A/c 000014901 St Mary’s Crookwell Parish.

Use your Surname & envelope No. to identify your contribution.

Confirmation Information Update

Parents are asked to download the updated information regarding this year's Confirmation arrangements which can found under PARISH NEWS.

For further information please contact the Parish Office on 4821 1022.


No Rosary at Viewhaven on the first Monday of the month until further notice

Upcoming Events

Mission Celebration

Date: Sep 15 2019
Save the date!
St Mary's Church
Wade Street, Crookwell, NSW 2583
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