Crookwell Parish
Church and presbytery
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St Mary's-
Wade Street, Crookwell NSW 2583
Fr Dermid McDermott
(02) 6239 9863
Tues and Thurs 9.00am - 2.00pm.

Parish News

Homily - Fr McDermott

20 January 2019

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Parish Newsletters

21 April 2019

Parish Bulletin

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7 April 2019

Parish Bulletin

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31 March 2019

Parish Bulletin

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24 March 2019

Parish Bulletin

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Planned Giving Contributions

Would you like to set up your Planned Giving contribution to be made by Direct Payment?

Please contact the Parish Office to set it up and save having to use the envelopes or alternatively -Bank details are – BSB 062 786 A/c 000014901 St Mary’s Crookwell Parish.

Use your Surname & envelope No. to identify your contribution.

Upcoming Events

Easter Schedule

Holy Thursday:

  • 7pm @ Goulburn SPP
  • Crookwell STM.

Good Friday:

  • Stations of the Cross: 10am SPP Goulburn
  • 10am St M Crookwell
  • 3pm Passion: Goulburn SPP, Taralga and Crookwell

Easter Vigil:

  • 6pm Crookwell St Mary’s
  • 7pm Goulburn SPP, & Taralga,

Easter Sunday:

  • 7am Nth Goulburn OLOF
  • 8am Tarago
  • 10am Goulburn SPP
  • 9am Crookwell
  • 10.30am Binda

Project Compassion

Date: May 6 2019
Please return all boxes and envelopes as the donations will be sent away on the 6 May.
  • Please: do not cover boxes with sticky tape.  If tape is required - please just secure openings do not cover the box.
  • If you require a tax receipt, please count your money and write amount on the card inside the box.
  • Please do not leave boxes in the church-only during Mass times, or you can also leave at the office. People will take anything left out in the church!
St Mary's Church
Wade Street, Crookwell, NSW 2583
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