St Patrick's Parish, Cooma
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PO Box 186 Cooma, NSW 2630
Fr Mick MacAndrew
6452 2062
Mon, Wed, Fri – 9am to 1pm

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10 February 2019

Parish Bulletin

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20 January 2019

Parish Bulletin

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2 December 2018

Parish Bulletin

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19 August 2018

Parish Bulletin

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Parish Lenten Prayer/Discussion Groups

Lent is a time to prepare to recommit ourselves on Easter Sunday to living our faith in the Resurrection of Jesus. It has become a tradition in Australia to participate in Prayer/Discussion groups to help us prepare. This year we need to revitalise this very important activity. The first call is for those who would be able to host a group in their home. Five or six people meet at your home for one and a half hours weekly during Lent.

Please contact Fr Mick if you would be able to hosta group.

Upcoming Events

World Day of Prayer for the Sick

Date: Feb 11 2019

And opportunity to pray with and for the sick of our parish, there will be a Mass of Anointing held that day at
11:00am followed by a shared lunch in the Parish Centre.  This will be an opportunity to gather with the frail, the housebound and the sick of the parish and affirm them in their ministry of prayer.

Please bring a small plate of food to share.

Catechists/Scripture Teachers.

Date: Feb 21 2019

Deacon Matt Ransom will lead the catechists in a professional development day on Thursday 21st
February in the Cooma Parish Centre, beginning at 9:15am. They will also attend the 10:00am Mass
that day.

Please bring a small plate of food to share.

Catechist Meeting

Date: Feb 12 2019
Cooma catechists will meet at the presbytery at 11:30am.
St Patrick's Cooma
46 Murray Street, Cooma, NSW 2630
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