St Patrick's Parish, Cooma
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PO Box 186 Cooma, NSW 2630
Fr Mick MacAndrew
8331 7609
Mon, Wed, Fri – 9am to 1pm

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16 June 2019

Parish Bulletin

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26 May 2019

Parish Bulletin

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12 May 2019

Parish Bulletin

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24 March 2019

Parish Newsletter

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Children's Sacramental Programs 2019

    • Sacrament of First Holy Communion Sunday 23rd June 10:00am Mass.    

New Phone Number

New presbytery phone number 8331 7609, the old number has been disconnected Fr Mick can be contacted on 0419 010 870

Adlimina Visit to Rome

Australian Bishops – Adlimina Visit to Rome Every five years the Bishops travel to Rome to offer a report on the life and mission of the Church in Australia. The Bishops meet with the Pope and Vatican Officials to discuss particular issues – this visit the upcoming Plenary Council will be on the agenda as well as other matters. The Bishops will also spend time on Retreat. The visit lasts from this Sunday till the 16th July. Let us keep them in our
prayers, that the Holy Spirit will guide them.

Attacks on Christians Increasing

Attacks on Christians in Nigeria are growing in ferocity and frequency – according to a priest who works with survivors of extremist violence.  Father John Bakeni, who coordinates aid for those left destitute by terrorist attacks and internally displaced people (IDPs) in Maiduguri Diocese, northern Nigeria, told Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need that more savage attacks by militant groups are increasing insecurity among Christians.  He said: “The attacks on Christians are growing more flagrant and more aggressive.  “The ongoing conflict with Boko Haram and the attacks by predominantly Islamist Fulani shepherds have instilled a feeling of great uncertainty and fear in us Nigerians.  “We consider each day we live in safety a blessing because we do not know what will happen the next day.”

Father Bakeni added: “It is very difficult to be a Christian in this part of the world, but our faith encourages us to bravely bear witness to the Gospel.”  Father Bakeni stressed that such extremist attacks are not representative of the views of most Muslims – but he also called on mainstream Muslims to speak out against the attacks.  He said: “Islamism is a distortion of Islam. The silence of the Islamic majority is disturbing. The
people should confront Islamism and denounce it.”

Upcoming Events

Parish Pastoral Council

Date: Jun 19 2019
In the Parish Centre at 6.30pm
St Patrick's Cooma
46 Murray Street, Cooma, NSW 2630
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