Chancery, Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn
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55 Franklin Street, Forrest ACT 2603
Fr Tony Percy (Vicar General) Ms Helen Delahunty (Archdiocesan Financial Administrator)
(02) 6239 9800
Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.


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Policies Attachments

  • Advisory Panel - Professional Standards

    A Panel to provide advice to the Archbishop & IPSS

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  • IPSS Procedures

    Operational procedures and responsibilities of the IPSS.

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  • Parish Pastoral Councils (Draft)

    Guidelines for the establishment of PPCs.

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  • Grievance Policy

    The policy sets out procedures to be used in case of workplace grievances.

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  • Electronic Communication Policy

    This policy applies to all Archdiocesan personnel.

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  • Discrimination Policy

    This policy applies to all personnel, employees, volunteers, religious & contractors.

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  • Discipline & Termination Policy

    Details the basis on which the Archdiocese may take disciplinary action.

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  • Privacy Policy

    A summary of the Archdiocesan Privacy Policy

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  • Archiving Procedures

    Details for the maintenance of parish archival material.

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  • Archives Policy

    A framework for the care, control, custody & management of archives.

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  • Invitation to Speakers

    Policy detailing requirements when inviting speakers into the Archdiocese.

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  • WHS Policy

    Archdiocesan WHS Policy

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