St Mary's Parish, Bungendore
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28 Turallo Terrace, Bungendore NSW 2621, Australia
Fr Troy Bobbin
(02) 6238 1247
Wednesdays 11.00am to 5.00pm

Parish News

Parish Update 20 June 2020

News and information from St Mary's

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Parish Update 13 June 2020

News and Information from St Mary's

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Parish Update 6 June 2020

News and Information from St Mary's

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Parish Update 27 May 2020

News and Information from St Mary's

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Parish Newsletters

Parish Liturgy 26 April

Readings and Reflection for Third Sunday of Easter

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Parish Liturgy 19 April 2020

Readings and Reflection for Second Sunday of Easter

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Parish Liturgy 12 April 2020

Readings and Homily for Easter Sunday

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Parish Liturgy 11 April 2020

Blessing of Paschal Candle

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Current Arrangements for attending Mass at St Mary's



 We will be holding a preparation program for the Sacraments of Reconciliation / Eucharist in 2020 but do not have exact dates yet. Enrolment forms can be found by clicking on Application Forms at left



Due to 4 sqm physical distancing rules only 31 people can occupy the church at any one time.  The Hall can accommodate 20.  So a total of 51 people can attend Mass on any one day (including the priest).

We are requesting, therefore, that those who can attend the 9.00 am Mass on Wednesday make that day their weekly day of worship for the time being.  This will allow those who are unable to come on Wednesday to attend Mass on Sunday.

We are implementing the following procedures:-

·         We are asking those who have underlying health conditions or are over 70 years of age to carefully consider whether you want to attend or not.  If you do decide not come to Mass, please ring Deacon Chris (0401 696 438) if you would like Holy Communion to be brought to you at home.

·         We are running a simple booking system, because it would be very distressing for someone to come and have to be turned away. If you have not already done so, please either email the parish office ( or text or ring Mary on 0417 977 576 before 5 pm on Saturdays to book in.  This will also assist us in complying with contact tracing requirements, as we will be able to prepare a list of the names and contact details for this as people book in. You will then just have to tick yourself off on the way in when you arrive.  This list is then locked away in the safe until the government says it’s no longer needed for contact tracing. (Currently 28 days).   

·         You will be advised where to sit. Members of the same household do not need to social distance from each other, so may sit together.

·         The priest or Eucharistic Minister will bring Communion to you in your seat .

·         The church will have been sanitised before and after Mass. 

·         Please minimise touching of furniture, door handles and switches to reduce cross-contamination. 

·         We will be having some instrumental music at times during Mass, but will not be having singing, as singing moves air (and therefore respiratory droplets) around much more than speaking.

·     To enable contactless collections, we now have a  ‘Tap and Go’ EFTPOS machine just inside the sliding glass door. There is also a Perspex box beneath this ‘Tap and Go’ machine for cash deposits. If you are wishing to donate to a particular collection, please use an envelope (provided) for your cash, and label for either 1st or 2nd collections. Money from EFTPOS will go to the 2nd collection. The 1st collection supports the clergy of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn and the 2nd collection supports the running of the parish.

·         Please remember that we now have tenants in the church house,  and be respectful of their privacy by not parking too close to the house.

·         Please be sensible about gathering around outside afterwards.   

Here is a link to the NSW Government Covid-Safe page so you can check the current regulations at any time.

Church Building Opening Hours

Mass will be celebrated at 8:30am on Sundays and 9:00am on Wednesdays. The Church will be open from 15 minutes before Mass and close reasonably soon after Mass finishes.  

The Church will sanitised before and after Mass.  

The Church may also be open for an hour for private prayer on one or two other days of the week. Please contact Parish Office for details. 

Baptisms at St Mary's, Bungendore & Sts Peter & Paul's Hoskintown

Baptisms are now permitted again at St Mary's. They are usually held at 10am on the second Sunday of the month.  

The usual rules about social distancing and 4sq metres per person apply. 

St Peter and Paul's is not available until some minor building work has been completed.

Baptism request form is available for download under the application forms tab. 

Funerals & Weddings


Up to 50 people may attend a funeral or memorial service, subject to the 4sq metre rule. 

The limit to the number of people who may attend includes adults and children and excludes the people necessary to conduct the service or assist in the conduct of the service such as the funeral director and their staff.

People attending the service will be required to supply their name and contact details so that they can be used for contact tracing.

Up to 50 people may attend a wedding at St Mary's Bungendore, of who 30 may seated in the church. 

People attending will be required to provide their name and contact details so that they can be used for contact tracing.

Parish Office

The Parish Office will usually be attended for the full 11am to 5pm time span on Wednesdays.
Emails are being monitored every day. 

Please email us on if you want us to include you in our mail-out of the bulletin and other interesting links.

Link to the Readings of Mass of the Day at Universalis


Link to Morning Prayer at Universalis


Upcoming Events

ST Mary's Fair 2020 cancelled

Owing to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and limits o n public gatherings, St Mary's Fair has now been cancelled for 2020. 

St Mary's Catholic Church
28 Turallo Terrace, Bungendore, NSW, 2621
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