St Bede's Parish, Braidwood
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72 Lascelles Street, Braidwood
PO Box 141, Braidwood NSW 2622
Fr Praveen Paul
4842 2444
Tues 9.00am - 3.00pm Fri 1.30 - 3.30pm

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Parish Newsletters

Sunday Liturgy & Bulletin

30th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A 25 October 2020

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Sunday Liturgy & Bulletin

29th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A 18 October 2020

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Sunday Liturgy & Bulletin

28th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A 11 October 2020

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Parish Bulletin

5th Sunday of Easter 10 May 2020

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World Community for Christian Meditation

 World Community for Christian Meditation is held Thursdays at 10.30am at St Bede’s Presbytery.

 For information please contact Br. Brian on 4842 2444.  Newcomers are always welcome.  Check out the websites: or

Covid-19 Regulations

Due to 4 sqm physical distancing rules only 50 people can occupy the church at any one time for religious services.

We have implemented the following procedures for Masses:

  • We are asking those who have underlying health conditions or are over 70 years of age to carefully consider whether you want to attend or not.  If you do decide not come to Mass, please ring Br Brian on 4842 2444 if you would like Holy Communion to be brought to you at home.
  • We run a simple booking system whereby the locals are already registered, their names and contact details prerecorded on a spreadsheet allowing the Welcomer to record their attendance quickly. If you wish to attend Mass but are not registered, please make contact because it would be very distressing for someone to come and have to be turned away. If you have not already done so, please either email the parish office ( during office hours or text or ring Helen on 0430 169 849 before 5 pm on Saturdays to book in.  This will assist us in complying with contact tracing requirements, as we will be able to add you to our record sheet for that weekend. This list is then locked away in the safe until the government says it’s no longer needed for contact tracing. (Currently 28 days).   
  • Only every second pew may be occupied. (vacant pew allows for social distancing and reception of Communion). Members of the same household do not need to social distance from each other, so may sit together. Otherwise it is 2 couples/1 couple & 1 single/3 singles per pew. Please observe social distancing in your pew.
  • The priest or Eucharistic Minister will bring Communion to you in your seat .
  • The church will only be open for services and will sanitised after each service. 
  • Please minimize touching of furniture, door handles and switches to reduce cross-contamination. 
  • We will be having some instrumental music at times during Mass, but will not be having singing, as singing moves air (and therefore respiratory droplets) around much more than speaking.
  •  To enable contactless collections, we now have a  ‘Tap and Go’ EFTPOS machine just inside the glass doors. There is also a box to the left of the aisle for cash deposits and Planned Giving envelopes. Loose and Tap machine donations are divided between the 1st and 2nd collections. The 1st collection supports the clergy of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn and the 2nd collection supports the running of the parish.
  • Please observe social distancing when engaged in conversation outside the church.

Upcoming Events


Date: Oct 26 2020

Vigil Mass: Saturdays at 6.00pm.

Please note that the congregation will be limited to 50 persons, as per the NSW 4sq metre regulations.

Registration of attendees, hygiene stations and social distancing practices will be observed.

Registration to attend is essential. Our local congregation is around 50 and can be accommodated within the rules. If you are attending from out of town, please register by emailing during office hours. Otherwise please sms: 0430 169 849


Everyone is welcome to Adoration every Friday 9am-10 am as an opportunity for private prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Please feel free to come at any time during this hour for as long as you desire. Lighting of candles for special intentions is available. Entry is up the side ramp entrance of the church.




Meets in St Bede's Church on the 1st Sunday in the month at 10.30am.

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