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St Bede's Parish, Braidwood
St Bede's Church Braidwood
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St Bede's Church Braidwood
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72 Lascelles Street, Braidwood
PO Box 141, Braidwood NSW 2622
Fr Troy Bobbin
4842 2444
Thurs 9.00am - 5.00pm Fri 9.00am - 10.00am

Parish News

Open Meeting

Contribution from Dennis.

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PPC 24 June 2017

Contribution from Bronnie.

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Ministry Rosters

Roster for July through to November

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Parish Newsletters

17 December 2017

Parish Bulletin

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10 December 2017

Parish Bulletin

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3 December 2017

Parish Bulletin

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26 November 2017

Parish Bulletin

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Parish Pastoral Council

Parishioners are invited to nominate themselves or another parishioner for a place on the Parish Pastoral Council. If you

nominate another person, please check with them that they are willing to serve before putting their name forward.

Names are required by the end of November.

New Rosters

Please collect the new rosters from back of the Church. Pink paper this time round.

Reminder: if you are unable to fulfil your Ministry on any day, please arrange your own substitute from the contact list provided.

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal: begins this week. Envelopes are available on the seats. We have many people to assist this year and would appreciate any donation that you can make.

Christmas Get Together & Presbytery Inspection

After Mass on 17th December. It is proposed that we will have bacon & egg rolls, with tea and coffee. Parishioners are asked to bring a plate of sweet treats to share. The Finance Committee then invites parishioners to have a walk through the

Presbytery to inspect the recent renovations and to see what remains to be done.


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