Bombala-Delegate Catholic Parish
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Queen Street, Bombala
Fr Mark Croker
(02) 8331 7609
Parish Secretary: Mon, Wed & Thu 9am to 4pm Postal Address: PO Box 186 COOMA NSW 2630

Parish News

Clergy Appintments

Archbishop Announcements 11 Jan 2023

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Archbishop Announcements 11 Jan 2023

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MASS SCHEDULE Temporary 2023

Three Parishes Mass Schedule One Priest

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Liturgy of the Word


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Parish Newsletters

Bombala Delegate Bulletin

Week 29th Jan 2023

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Parish Bulletin

Bombala Delegate 22nd Jan 2023

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Bombala Delegate Bulletin

Bulletin Week 15th Jan 2022

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Bombala Delegate Bulletin 8th Jan 2023

Weekly Bulletin 8th Jan 2023

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Please assist the team by having items for the Parish Bulletin in by Wednesday pm.  Items can be received via phone, note or email.

Chris Page (02) 6458 4885 Julie Peadon (02) 6458 5232 Anna Vincent (02) 6458 5208




  • 1st Sunday Vigil Mass Sat 6pm
  • 2nd  4th & 5th Sundays 9am Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion
  • 3rd Sunday 10am Mass


  • 1st Vigil Saturday 4.30pm Mass
  • 2nd  4th & 5th Sundays Vigil Saturday 5/6pm Liturgy of Word with Holy Communion
  • 3rd Sunday 8am Mass




Planned Giving

Collection envelopes are available by contacting the Parish Office. 

Direct Debit giving can also be arranged to support our parish running costs.

From July 1st, no more tax deductions will be available for Planned-Giving. 5% of Planned-Giving in each parish was previously given to the Schools Building Fund, the only tax deductible component of your offering. That Fund is no longer attached to our parishes. Tax deductibility remains for special Archdiocesan donations, e.g. The Annual Retired Priests’ Collection. In 2022 tax receipts from parishes will not be necessary.

Please contact John Vincent if you are unsure of this explanation. We sincerely thank you for your ongoing financial support in our Gospel mission.

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