St Mary's Parish, Bombala
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Queen Street, Bombala
Fr Mick MacAndrew
(02) 6452 2062

Parish News

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Parish Newsletters

15 July 2018

Parish Bulletin

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8 July 2018

Parish Bulletin

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1 July 2018

Parish Bulletin

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24 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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Please assist the team by having items for the Parish Bulletin in by Wednesday pm.  Items can be received via phone, note or email.

Chris Page (02) 6458 4885 Julie Peadon (02) 6458 5232 Anna Vincent (02) 6458 5208

Delegate Mass & Liturgy Times

Winter Mass and Liturgy times for June, July and August will be 5 pm Saturday (unless Mass is scheduled for a Sunday morning).  This will commence with Mass at 5 pm on Saturday 2nd June.

Upcoming Events

St Vincent de Paul Street Stall

Date: Jul 13 2018

Please give generously of your time to work on the stall and cooking and other items to sell.

The roster is on the Side Porch. Thank you parishioners for your continued support of the Society.

Memorial Mass

Date: Jul 29 2018
A Memorial Mass will be celebrated on the 29th July at 10 am for the 20 year Anniversary of the tragic
death of Beryl Morgan and Val Lasker, taken from us in an accident on 26/7/1998. …Their families will be

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