Bombala-Delegate Catholic Parish
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Queen Street, Bombala
Fr Mick MacAndrew
(02) 8331 7609


Bombala - Delegate Catholic Parish

The first Catholics arrived in the area from 1826 as assigned servants (convicts).  From 1833 Scottish, Irish and later German immigrants settled in the area.

The first resident priest was Fr Patrick Newman in 1864.

Churches were built at Bombala in 1867 and 1942, at Delegate in 1877 and 1918.  In 1878 a church was built at Cathcart and then at Corrowong in 1895.

Schooling was provided privately by the Catholics between 1866-1886.  Then in 1886 a school was built at Bombala followed by another in Delegate in 1921.  The Sisters of St Joseph (Mary MacKillop) arrived in 1888 and provided an ongoing ministry to the area for the next 128 years. 

The Monaro and South Coast Parishes were transferred to the Goulburn Diocese in 1917.

The first priestly vocation from the area was Fr Ernest Barragry who was ordained as a Missionary of the Sacred Heart in 1941.  Fr Barragry died in 1997.

Delegate was declared a parish in its own right in 1954 through to 1972.

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