St Matthew's & St Vincent's Parish,
South Belconnen
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12 Chewings Street, Page ACT 2614
7 Bindel Street, Aranda ACT 2614
Fr Simon Falk
(02) 6254 1827
Tuesday - Thursday 9.00am - 3.30pm

Parish Team

Our Parish Team

Parish Priest
Fr Simon Falk
6254 1827
Assistant Parish Priest & Korean Chaplain
Fr Thomas Jin
6254 1827
Dn Joe Blackwell
6254 1827
Parish Secretary
Mrs Kate Whitton
6254 1827
Sacramental Coordinator
Pastoral Council
Members: Andrew Gordon, Bernadette Leger, Cheryl Hamill, Jen Muscat, Mary Morris, Daniel Marks, Fr Simon Falk (PP), Fr Thomas Jin (APP), Deacon Joe Blackwell, Grace Braybon (Youth Minister), Maddie Greenwood (Youth Minister), Bernard Williams (Finance Council rep), Daniel Yi (Korean Community) Lina Vigliotta & Donna Victory ( St Vincent's School), Graham Pollard & Sharee Thomas (St Matthew's School)
Email with 'For PPC' in the subject line
Finance Council
Members: Bernard Meadley, Bernard Williams, Roger Fitzgerald, Damien Power, Anne McCarthy, Fr Simon Falk (PP)
Email with 'For PFC' in the subject line
School of Religion
Ms Trish Mowbray
St Vincent's Parish Centre
0408 561255
Youth Ministers
Grace Braybon
Maddie Greenwood
Parish Safeguarding Volunteer (PSV)

Our Schools

St Matthew's Primary School
Stutchbury Street, Page ACT 2614
6254 2653
Mr Graham Pollard
6254 2653
St Vincent's Primary School
3 Bindel Street, Aranda ACT 2614
6251 2442
Ms Lina Vigliotta
6251 2442
Front Office
Nicole Watson
6251 2442

Our Regional Schools

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