St Matthew's & St Vincent's Parish,
South Belconnen
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7 Bindel Street, Aranda ACT 2614 (Parish Office)
12 Chewings Street, Page ACT 2614
Fr Simon Falk
(02) 6254 1827
Tuesday - Thursday 9.00am - 3.30pm

Parish News

Laudato Si' Action Platform

Invitation to Contribute

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Mental Health Month - ACT

Information in the time of pandemic

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PPC Adult Faith Invitation - the call of Creation

Conversation to share experience and response to films.

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Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Christopher Prowse re Euthanasia

11 August 2021

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Parish Newsletters

14th August 2022

Parish Bulletin

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7th August, 2022

Parish Bulletin

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10th July, 2022

Parish Bulletin

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3rd July, 2022

Parish Bulletin

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Try Ignatian Spirituality?

Ignatian Spirituality seeks to find God in all things. You might like its peaceful approach to prayer, contemplation, and discernment.

A lay Ignatian Spirituality group meets fortnightly on Monday evenings (7.30pm-9pm) at St. Vincent de Paul’s Church in Aranda. A daytime group will start meeting there fortnightly on Wednesdays (11am-12.30pm) from June this year.

Try a meeting to see if Ignatian Spirituality is for you. To express interest, email with your name, phone number, and whether you need help with transportation. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. More information on Ignatian Spirituality is available at:



Email Communication with the Parish Office


We are experiencing some difficulty with our current email system which is preventing us from receiving some emails that have attachments. It is also affecting some emails that are   being sent out. This has been the case for some weeks now, and while we are working on a fix with our IT support, can’t see it being a quick process.

If you are expecting a response from the parish office, or Fr. Simon and haven’t received one in a timely manner, please check in by calling the parish office or sending an email (without an attachment!) so we can assist you further.


Parish Safeguarding Volunteer


This important role is presently vacant. The role assists and supports our parish clergy and Parish Pastoral

Council in ensuring safeguarding practices are embedded across our parish life.

The role seeks to highlight and promote means that support the health, wellbeing and human rights of all, and especially of children, young people, and vulnerable adults, such as those with a disability or who are     elderly. The role does not involve counselling or investigating complaints. Training will be provided through the Institute of Professional Standards and Safeguarding within the Archdiocese.

Further information and requirements are available through the parish office as well as from Fr Simon.  Safety at all times is paramount for each of us. Can you help the Parish maintain a strong and effective focus on safeguarding best practices within the life and ministries of our Parish?


Upcoming Events

Multicultural Mass

Date: Nov 6 2022


We plan to have our Multicultural Mass again this year on Sunday 6 November.  This Mass is a great opportunity to celebrate your nationality with all members of our parish. The Mass will be as colourful as you can make it - wearing your national costume, carrying your national flag, sharing the readings and the Prayers of Intercession in your language and providing music from your country of origin.  After the Mass, we will have a shared meal.  So, please raid your recipes for the best national dish you can bring to share with all of us.

If you are interested in attending our Multicultural Mass, please email as soon as possible and I shall contact you with further details. 


South Belconnen Parish Choir

Date: Aug 21 2022


There will be choir practice in St Matthew’s church at 5.00 pm on Saturday 21st August, prior to singing at the 6.00pm Mass.

All interested in singing will be welcome.


St Matthew's Church
12 Chewings Street, Page, ACT, 2614
St Vincent's Church
7 Bindel Street, Aranda ACT 2614
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