St Patrick's Parish, Bega
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Left Side
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Stpatrick's Church Bega Chapel
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St Comumba's Church Side View
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Star of the Sea Church Front View
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Gipps Street, Bega
PO Box 6, Bega NSW 2550
Fr Luke Verrell PP
6492 1058
Secretary Tuesday 9am - 3pm Secretary Thursday 9am - 3pm

Parish News

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Parish Newsletters

24 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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17 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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10 June 2018

Parish Bulletin

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27 May 2018

Parish Bulletin

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Meditation & Contemplative Prayer

Every Monday at 7.30pm in the annex of Star of the Sea Church, Tathra.

Sunday Readings Reflection

Every Tuesday at 7pm at Star of the Sea Church, Tathra.

St Patrick's Choir Practice

 Choir practices will be held on Thursdays at 5.15—6pm

Contacts Mary 64921850 or Matt 0429 338 348.

Upcoming Events

St Patrick's Primary Bega - 150 Years

Date: Mar 15 2019

In 1869 the Roman Catholic Denominational School in Bega was established.

In 2019 we will celebrate 150 years of Catholic Education over the St Patrick’s Day weekend Fri 15th – Sun 17th March.

We are seeking artefacts, photos and stories of learning at St Patrick’s. If you have something to contribute please email or pass items (with your contact details) to Meg Doherty.  Please spread the word of this wonderful occasion and visit our facebook page

St Patrick's Catholic Church
Gipps Street, Bega, NSW, 2550
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