St Patrick's Parish, Bega
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Left Side
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Stpatrick's Church Bega Chapel
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St Comumba's Church Side View
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Star of the Sea Church Front View
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Gipps Street, Bega
PO Box 6, Bega NSW 2550
Fr Adrian Chan Parish Priest
6492 1058
Secretary Tuesday 9am - 2pm Secretary Thursday 9am - 2pm

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Credit Card Deduction Form

Second Collection

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Second Collection

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First Collection

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Parish Bulletins

17th & 24th March 2024

5th Sunday of Lent & Palm Sunday year B

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10th March 2024

4th Sunday of Lent Year B

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3rd March 2024

3rd Sunday in Lent Year B

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25th February 2024

2nd Sunday in Lent Year B

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St Patrick's Catholic Church
Gipps Street, Bega, NSW, 2550
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