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St Patrick's Parish, Bega
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Stpatrick's Church Bega Chapel
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St Comumba's Church Side View
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Star of the Sea Church Front View
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Gipps Street, Bega
PO Box 6, Bega NSW 2550
Fr Michael Lim
6492 1058
Tuesdays 9.00am - 1.00pm Thursdays 9.00am - 3.00pm

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17 December 2017

Parish Bulletin

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10 December 2017

Parish Bulletin

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3 December 2017

Parish Bulletin

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26 November 2017

Parish Bulletin

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Meditation & Contemplative Prayer

Every Monday at 7.30pm in the annex of Star of the Sea Church, Tathra.

Sunday Readings Reflection

Every Tuesday at 7pm at Star of the Sea Church, Tathra.

St Patrick's Primary School 150th Birthday

Save the Date:  15th-17th March 2019. Visit the Facebook Page to stay up-to-date with the details

Fr Michael's Farewell

Bega - Sun 17th Dec after 9.30am Mass

Candelo - Sat 16th Dec after 6pm Mass

Please bring a plate to share

Contributions to a gift can be given to Betty O’Brien; sent to the Parish office to be passed on or directly deposited into the following account.  BSB: 802-124 A/C no: 100085724 Ref: Betty O’Brien 

For more information see Betty O’Brien.



Penitential Services and Christmas Mass Times.

Penitential Service: 


Tues 19th Dec 7.00pm second rite at St Patrick's church Bega.


Wed 20th Dec at Tathra after the 9am mass


Christmas Mass Times 2017                     

Bega      6.00pm Family Vigil

Tathra   8.00pm Vigil       

Bemboka             7.00pm Vigil       

Candelo               Midnight

 Bega      8.30am Christmas Day

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St Patrick's Catholic Church
Gipps Street, Bega, NSW, 2550
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