St Bernard's Parish,
Batemans Bay
St Bernard's Church Side Batehaven
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2 David Ave Batehaven, NSW, 2536.
P. O. Box 3220, Batehaven. NSW 2536
Fr Loi Viovicente
(02) 4472 4153
Contact the office for any enquiries

Parish Groups

Parish Caring Services

Parish Pastoral Care Team
Marie Weatherall
Parish Office Every Tuesday
This comprises a number of parishioners who have volunteered to reach out and care for members of the community in the nursing homes, hospital, housebound, and those who may be bereaved. by visiting and offering them spiritual pastoral and emotional support.

Church and Grounds Care and Maintenance

Parish Maintenance Team
Terry Jackson

Parish Facilities for Hire

Parish Office
Parish Secretary and Finance Manager

Fundraising Activities

Parish Finance Council
Bernie Basevi

Parish Ministries

Bible Study/Faith Formation
Joe Quigley
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Social Activities

Craft Group
Meets Thursday 10am in the Parish Meeting Room
Wrap With Love
Jenny 0414 664 077
Wrap With Love: For meeting details please call Jenny. Enquiries: Jenny 0414664077

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