St Bernard's Parish,
Batemans Bay
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2 David Ave Batehaven, NSW, 2536.
P. O. Box 3220, Batehaven. NSW 2536
Rev. Martins Aloga
(02) 4472 4153
Contact the office for any enquiries

Parish Newsletters


28th November 2021

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21st November 2021

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14th November, 2021

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7th November, 2021

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Latest Covid Protocols

Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn

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Plenary Council update

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Welcome Back! – St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church



Tuesday 5.30pm Mass

Wednesday 9am Mass

Thursday 9am Mass

Friday 9.15am Mass

Saturday 9am Rosary and Mass

9.30am Reconciliation

6pm Mass 

Sunday 9am and 5pm





Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary time - Year C - Catholicireland ...

Sunday 9am Mass:




The rosary will be prayed every Sunday of the month at 12 midday

come rain or sunshine.  Bring umbrellas and a chair

 SUNDAY 28/11 - Nelligen Cemetery

 From Monday November 1st, you are invited to write the names of loved ones
who have died since last November on the cards 
You are invited to place them on the November Prayer Focus
at the front of the Lectern.

  We will pray together throughout the month with rosary
at the 
cemeteries each Sunday and other rituals.



Tue - Cenacle Prayer 4.45pm 

Wed - Midweek Rosary 8.30am

Wed - Enjoy the Good News after 9:00AM Mass

Fri - Holy Hour/Evening Prayer 5.30pm





The Parish Bulletin will be emailed weekly and printed copies are available in front of the Church

Should you need to contact Fr Martins for any Spiritual and Pastoral Care needs, 

please ring the parish office on 44724153 

Archdiocesan Protocols during COVID-19

Archdiocesan Protocols
NSW Parishes Only
Beginning Monday 8 November 2021

1. Face Masks are mandatory indoors, except children under 12
or in parish office if fully vaccinated.

2. Indoor and outdoor Masses are to observe the 2sqm rule.

3. Service NSW app is mandatory.

4. Vaccinated and unvaccinated permitted at Mass.

5. Parishioners are not required to produce evidence of vaccination.

6. Weddings with those who are unvaccinated restricted to 5 guests,
otherwise apply 2sqm rule.

7. Funerals with those who are unvaccinated restricted to 10 attendees,
otherwise apply 2sqm rule.

8. Vaccination evidence is to be carried by those attending weddings and funerals.

Liturgical Protocols

a. Holy Communion
i. The Body of Christ offered and received, not the Precious Blood.
ii. Received in either the hand or on tongue.

b. Singing: Permitted. Choirs to maintain physical distancing from congregation.

c. Cash Collections: Reinstated

Vicar General
10 November 2021












Live Stream Mass St. Christopher’s Cathedral

Monday – Saturday 12.15pm

Sunday 11am





Mass Celebrations Elsewhere in our Community

Masses in the local Nursing Homes NOT DURING COVID19 RESTRICTIONS:

The Opal: Every 1st Wednesday of the Month: 10:30 AM

The Glenn: Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month: 10:30 AM

The Goodwin, Manor: Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month: 2:00PM

The Maranatha: Every 4th Wednesday of the Month: 2:00PM

St Bernard's Parish, Batemans Bay
2 David Avenue Batehaven, NSW, 2536
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