St Bernard's Parish,
Batemans Bay
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2 David Ave Batehaven, NSW, 2536.
P. O. Box 3220, Batehaven. NSW 2536
Rev. Martins Aloga
(02) 4472 4153
Contact the office for any enquiries


Archbishop's Letter

Breathe in & Breathe out

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Novena to the Holy Spirit

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Plenary Council 2020

Re-engaging with the Plenary Council

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Parish Diary


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Parish Newsletters


25th July, 2021

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18th July, 2021

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11th July 2021

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4th Jul 2021

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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary time - Year C - Catholicireland ...

Tuesday                             5.30pm Mass

Wednesday                   9am Mass

Thursday                        9am Mass

Friday                                 9.15am Mass

Saturday                           9.00am Mass
                                                              9.30am Reconciliation

                                                     6.00pm Vigil Mass

Sunday                               9am and 5pm





THURSDAY: The Parish Bulletin will be emailed and copies available in the Church 


Should you need to contact Fr Martins please ring the parish office on 44724153 

Archdiocesan Protocols during COVID-19

Updated Archdiocesan Protocols



Effective Monday 28 June 2021

NSW Parishes Only



Masses, Weddings, Liturgies, Gatherings

1.      Masks are mandatory for those 12 years +

2.      Priest (when celebrating Liturgy) and Lectors (when proclaiming the Word) can dispense with the mask

3.      Priest and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion must wear masks when distributing the Sacred Host

4.      No congregational singing, but a cantor (x4) can sing if 4m² from congregation

5.      Holy Communion only under the species of bread

6.      Holy Communion to be received only in the hand

7.      No touching at the sign of peace

8.      Collection bags not to be passed around, but can be placed on an extended stick to allow collection of cash by a few parishioners

9.      Apply the 4m² rule to all liturgies and gatherings (except funerals).



10.  Restricted to 100 persons.


Other Matters

11.  Service NSW App is mandatory

12.  Physical roster is reasonable for those who are unable to use the App (keep for 30 days)

13.  Availability of hand sanitiser is essential

14.  Families can sit together, but in relation to other persons/families apply 4m² rule.


1     Parishes and communities are to keep an accurate register of people who come for public and private prayer.



Frequently touched surfaces to be regularly cleaned in keeping with our COVID Safe Plan.

Mass Celebrations Elsewhere in our Community

Masses in the local Nursing Homes have resumed:

The Opal: Every 1st Wednesday of the Month: 10:30 AM

The Glenn: Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month: 10:30 AM

The Goodwin, Manor: Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month: 2:00PM

The Maranatha: Every 4th Wednesday of the Month: 2:00PM

Upcoming Events



St Bernard's Parish, Batemans Bay
2 David Avenue Batehaven, NSW, 2536
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